Saturday, July 11, 2015

Handfull of Chickens..

Pile of seven un-posted Chickens pages..

had to throw the Twout in there eventually, didn't i? ; )

Way$hak will load them up in a short while. Were both buried under other deadlines for now. ( yes, that's construction paper i used.  My goofy a nod to Matisse, who did construction collages.  But i don't mean that in a pretentious name dropping way. )

This one i finished this morning.. added the '1800s old guy' on the left, because i wasn't satisfied with the 'blue woman' on the far right..

You know, other people writing self-conscious or quasi-pretentious sounding comments in their art bugs me, so why do i keep doing adding Logos & Comments/Logo to my own stuff? Dunno. Maybe because i'm both trying to explore stuff, yet also wanting to make fun of myself in the process.

I guess most of you guys/gals are used to it by now.  My 'Sam Logos' are kinda part of my style now. Used to get crap for it when i started, but funny how whatever style or quirks editors resist when your started out, they eventually grow  to accept.

Kelly Jones has a quickly style too, he was great at telling me to let it roll of my back.

Don't worry, the purple guy's arm looks much better in the scanned version. 

Okay, here's a few characters who snuck in the Chickens book from the Dana/Nola Twout stories. Just one page, so i doubt anyone will mind.


Okay, this one is a report, but i just like it. Faux Basho poem.

Okay, between the twenty new pages i have here.. and if this inspired Jon to add twenty of his, plus the thirty on the Chickens Web site... we might reach 70 or so pages, which will be enough for a collected book someday.

Thanks for letting me ramble. Have a stress-free weekend.



Tytus M said...

Thanks again Sam, really enjoy this peek into your work. Inspires me with my own.

cody said...

Killer stuff Sam.

champloo said...

I'm so happy you guys will cotinue with this; the art on chicken's is so awesome and different from anything else.
Also, it surprises me how you are so damn great and yet you express yourself in such a humble way; that's really cool.

jessy kendall said...

what've you been listening to lately?

Steve Garlo said...

I'm sure you're a busy man, but I have a request that I figure couldn't hurt to ask. I've got a Maxx tattoo on my left forearm and I'd like a Sam Kieth Batman on my left forearm. However, I just haven't found the right picture. I don't have a lot of money but I'm asking if there is any chance you'd design a Batman tattoo for me. I figure you're probably too busy but the worst you can do is say no.

Thank you for your time

todd said...

Sam and team, forgive me, has there been a World of Amazing Art by Sam, vol. 2 yet? I've been outta touch. Vol. 1 was super, as are both issues of I Before E, of course. Wish Legs would make a followup appearance...a boy can dream. thank you Sam for decades of fun.

grover&sloan said...

Dear Sam -- Is there at all a way to send you a private message/email? I have a question but would prefer not to leave a long comment here ... I promise it's not anything weird. Thank you! Truly, Laura

jesse starcher said...

Hey Sam I'm a huge fan I remember staying up late sneaking to go watch the maxx on mtv.Im 28 now and I'm a huge drawer I was wondering if u would ever come out with an art book how to draw like sam keaith. Also I would like to know what influenced your style and what's the story on what made u wanna be an artist and what schools if any u attended to achieve your mo because I'm still trying to find mine I guess is at what point can I stop looking at references thanks jesse

Mark Kett said...

Thanks Sam. Helps keep me going.


Anonymous said...

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Robert Freemantle said...

Sam, please get in touch as I have a professional query for you and cannot find an agent listed to you. Contact me at

Mayumi Elisa said...

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Joeywallace said...

Hi Sam I'm a huge fan yours. I've been collecting your art and stories for over 20 years. I was wondering if you had any upcoming projects ? I haven't heard anything about you in awhile, I was also was wondering if you would be willing to do a commission piece for me I would cherish an original piece of your artwork... Thanks in advance Sam

Joseph Wallace

Anonymous said...

Where's Sam?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sam I purchased a comic with your signature on the cover recently and I'd like to know if it's legit or not!

Can you please email me at and I'll send you some pics? Thanks, huge fan of your work!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam, same guy as the earlier post. Here's a pic of the comic I bought, can you confirm that it's your signature? Thanks a bunch!

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