Friday, November 27, 2015

Signature Plates for Upcoming Maxx Artist Edition.

Sponge came in handy this time

Yikes - stack was something like a thousand plates.

and here's . . yet another Maxx cover  I kept fooling with.

Very different than the "unfinished" reprinted version.

Don't worry, I'll throw this Julie unpublished version in a new book of Maxx Cover's some time next year.  

But i forgot to draw Julie into the original version. Let alone finish Maxx's hand.  

So I decided to cut & pasted her in,

that is... once i get some glue.

Don't worry, her face isn't this blurry than this one,  my cameras' focus was off.

so yeah, . . .

finally back.

: ) 


Ty Massei said...

Hope you're having a great time of year! Thanks for taking time for an update.

VeganMike said...

Welcome back, Sam! Thanks, for the new pics, and I hope things have been good for the past several months!

cody said...

look great, really like the background

Iam Nowhere said...

Welcome back!

I would very much like to buy the piece you displayed un this page

I know asking an artist to sell his art is like asking a parent to sell one of his children but still I am very interested. Let me know.

Phaser Pulse said...

These are absolutely amazing. As always, I love to see Maxx stuff.

Fernando Valencia said...

Nice. Can't wait for my Artist Edition to come in!!!

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