Friday, May 27, 2016

Mixed Media stuff

Here's some photos of the cover of the Worlds book. 

This sucker's unusually large. 

Did tons of studies for it, some of which are arguably better than the final version.

The reason i used this unfinished version is because it just seemed most of my art is flawed and 'imperfect', like we are in real life.

I used to be afraid of mistakes, but whatever I have to offer isn't not technical realism.

I don't really know, or care what category my stuff falls into. Lucky with all the street art mixed up happily with so called fine art, it's all an overlap isn't it? It is very cool all this mixed media stuff snuck into comics in the 80s, thanks to Jon. J. Muth, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Sienkiewicz, Bisley... 

.. without these guys, i don't think i'd have had the guts to try all the crazy crap in those old Maxx comics.