Saturday, November 19, 2016

stuff on my art table.

Various crap on that's been lying on my art table for waaaaaay too long.

Above are few quickie Maxx sketches for a few prints left over from Boston...

A Jungle Kitty to go along with the Heffalump.  

Here's something i'll work into a future comic somewhere..

Can never go wrong ..

... with a tree stump.

Before and after.


Now... for no apparent reason...

a Rhino. 


Daniel Sardella said...

So many wild animals in this post! Love it.

Anonymous said...

You make inanimate objects come to life.
And your animal pictures seem to move.
Love your work!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kieth,

Only you can draw a tree stump with a personality.

Great post!

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Now... for no apparent reason... a Comment.
Sometime when you post asking for feedback I regret not commenting on all your other posts to say how much I appreciate it. So here's a random comment. I've been a fan of your art and comics since way back, and it makes me really happy when I see a post from you in my feed. I love having a peek behind the curtain at your works in progress and you seem like such a humble guy. Thanks for sharing in such an unfiltered way when you find the time. Happy Thanksgiving and holidays to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Are those art prints with the Maxx sketches still available and if so where can I purchase them? Thanks in advance!

11 said...

Mr Kieth i cannot forget my evenings spent in comic stores looking for your art.
My english at the time was so poor that the only thing i could do was to choose comic for their art.
I completely felt in love with yourway of drawing, it was so unique for me that i started collecting all the items with your sign. I have maybe everything you have done. Comics, cover, cards , gadgets etc.
You were (and you are) differetn from everything that was in the market of comics...i was young but for me it was clear you were really special.
Now i am a professional painter...and i wanna thank you for the inspiration, for all you gave to me without knowing it.
I remember me looking at your works enjoying every single line, your pictorial way to treat characters and superheroes. There was something poetic that attrected me...and now...after maybe 30 years i still feel the same.
You will always be the greatest for me.
I sold all my old stuff except yours...that will be a special present for my sons...i will tell them what i'm telling to you....
Thanks again Sam...
The Maxx will live forever!