Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Enough already -

Sorry to drive you crazy with all these versions, but here's the final on that Maxx cover i started a few posts back.

Main difference is i filled in the snake's coils, and added a little detail to Maxx's face.

The arm may have gotten overly rendered, but what can i say. .

i like drawing arms.


Here's how we got here:


juvinwo said...
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juvinwo said...

Great post sam! What is it gonna be? A cover to a Maxx art book perhaps?! Sorry about the post I deleted. It autocorrected Maxx and spelled it wrong. Couldn't edit it. 🙄

Anonymous said...

Never apologize for showing new Maxx artwork. It is the main reason I follow your blog.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Sam. You ever going to draw the landshark vs Maxx again?

Anonymous said...

Pleased to see some new artwork, Sam !

The Maxx have been an important part of my life when i was in art school, this was the only comics i followed, got all the issues, the action figure (the Maxx with the white Isz), the trading cards.
I even had a drawing i then sent you published in one issue (don't remember which one, 'got to check :)), two or three issues after you published the drawing from a friend of mine.

I had a lot of fun reading The Maxx, i enjoyed your art a lot (and i'm still enjoying it, even got two of your artbooks).

I just want to thank you for that. The Maxx is an important part of my collection. I still think about it a lot.

Regards from Paris, France.

(Hope you'll excuse my enlish).