Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dana-Nola page cut up into "three chunks".

Here's three of Dana and Nola, two sisters from the Trout-a-verse,

of whom i post about quite often.

For the most part, Maxx characters  vs Trout characters  are two separate deals.

But there's a few characters that migrate over.

Gone and Nola share a brother sister-like supernatural connection.

'Horse Maxx Sara' looks an awful lot like Dana does, only Dana is a little chubbier.

The 'Friends of Maxx' folks, Charlie Ira, Micky and Dude, and even old Amy Smootster from Zero Girl, will be relocated to where they originally belonged, which is in Trout-a-verse land.  Sorry to blab on about all this stuff.. kinda boring until you read the book itself.

So much for my shorter posts, eh?