Saturday, February 11, 2017

Trying to Wake Myself up . .

Every Maxx cover is another chance to at least Try something new.  As we age, repetition is kinda inevitable, but here's an  good example:

Here's Maxx, with a tree behind his body.  But as i was drawing it, i thought . . what if the tree wasn't behind him, but instead, what if the branches, mushrooms were growing out of his body? 

Yeah, kinda weird, but so what?  Still in progress, but every drawing is another chance to break out of old habits.

Even if i fail, it's at least a worth trying.  


Anonymous said...

So cool. So Sam Kieth weird. Love it.

Wookiestick said...


juvinwo said...

Still totally awesome sam! Combining two loves of yours! Maxx and trees!

José A. García said...

Well, Maxx is a natural spirit, so... Is a good draw.

Saludos desde Argentina!


jackaaronfleming said...

This reminds me of something that was said to me years ago by one of my college art teachers. One of the things that stuck anyhow. He said "creativity is not shown by how many different things you can draw, but how many different ways you can draw the same thing".

Kate Nicolson said...

Super gorgeous. On tangent from his organic state, I kinda love the scale effect the textured paper has given him :)