Friday, March 3, 2017

Legs Comparison

Here's the original art for Legs spread,

and the printed comic below that.

Obviously there's some detail the printed comic lost, but on the plus side, there are darken the blacks in the printed comic.

Which do you like better?


Shane Hamilton said...

The original. I like the colors and the detail.

Derek Oberg said...

Detail, for sure.

Anonymous said...

I like the top one. The detail is great.
I really loved the Legs book.
I wish you would bring it back,
but in a longer form.
It was fantastic!

juvinwo said...

An impressive comparison. Like the detail of the top one. But the darkness of the bottom one

yoyoy said...

The top one. I wish more comics from the past could be rescanned and put online. For example, all your work. Marvel and I would love to see a more complete I before E collection!!!

Wookiestick said...

The original art/top one. There's just more midtones and color information, but the bottom one might make a nice t-shirt design with the blacker blacks.

Mark Kett said...

Original, though I like them both.

Christina Bryant said...

The underbelly glow on the bottom is beautiful and pulls me in. But the detail on the top one wonderful and it's a shame to see it lost.