Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Another Nemesis Cover

Another one of these covers.  During my "classic" phase.

I have a project in mind that i'd like to draw in this style,  might be cool - just for nostalgia's sake.

But better hurry up, before my ability to make "little lines" disappears altogether. ; )


Daniel Sardella said...

Would love if that project came to fruition!

juvinwo said...

I totally want to see it!! Love your old style too!

Anonymous said...

Great picture.
Love your old and new art.

TheEray said...

Yes please, I love your new style but this classic look is something I miss, it blended styles from my favorites to make something entirely fresh. No one can ever replicate this energy and obsessively controlled crazy chaos that you put into your early work. It felt classic and new, reverent and irreverent all at once.