Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Another Maxx post.

Okay gang, here's the deal:  Spam's flooding the comments section so often that i'm spend nearly three times a day deleting tons of posts from bots, instead of real fans. I know this isn't my fans fault, but after a lot of thought, i've decided to disable comments for a while.

This is nothing against you guys n' gals, but if we're honest, my infrequently replies to all the supportive comments I do get, has been painfully rare.  Guess i suck at replies, in general.  I'm probably better off sticking to my drawing table, instead of sorting through online blog comments, kind and generous as they are.

This is no rejection of  you guys - you've all been terrific.  I'll still let you know about any upcoming projects i'm working on too.

The good news is, so long as i keep posting *something* . . . every few days,

that will give you an excuse to check-in every once in a while.

And sorry in advance if anyone is bummed out by this.

Thanks for understanding. 

Your pal,