Friday, February 25, 2011

Bonus 'Finger Puppet' update!

By popular demand (well...  at least someone asked), here's ALL of the finger puppets (in all their crude Sharpie hand drawn glory) for your amusement. I promise this Tuesday I'll post some actual ART-WORK, instead of dolls, puppets and all this other crafty carp-o-la I've such a soft spot for.

Here's a lo-rez reminder who's in our cast of puppets are so far (in case you lost track, or are bothering to even keep track):

Now here's the bigger versions ready to go: Just print, cut out, and decorate your various digits, should that be your particular fetish! : ) 

Of course from the 'My Inner Bimbo' comic. This is the one you wear on your finger when you're feeling relentlessly cute. 

This was the main character from the same 'Bimbo' comic. Wear this on a finger that is balding, getting old and regrets stuff. 

Dana appears briefly in the Bimbo comic, but gets a FOUR-issue series (yeah, she's that important!).  This goes on your pinky, because Dana's got a lesbian peter pan complex, and stubbornly refuses to grow up.

Dana's sister Nola. Gets her own book. Punk-ish bad girl. '...lovely, lonely and mad at her mom'. Nola goes on your 'bad-ass rebellious finger'.  In case you're not sure which one one that is, hint: she's showing you. 

 Here's the Bimbo in her true form (not how Lo projects her to be). This really is more of a thumb choice if you ask me. Too bad the Bimbo comic was in B&W, other wise you'd see the Bimbo seal was actually primally PINK. Just download the movie 'Secret of Roan Inish', and pretend all the seals are pink.

Where it all started. 

Maybe you first saw one in the Bimbo comic, but there are maybe hundreds that people have built from the 1900s and up. See a trout, get a vision, build a box. Now a magic Box gets its own finger too. 
I've no idea.  I just needed to fill up an extra slot  to make 10 fingers. (shrug) 

Also from Bimbo, remember Lo used a blow-up doll, an old photograph and a sword to face the Female Disapproval Sea Monster. You really should plow through the Bimbo comic; I swear this isn't a plug. Okay, maybe a little.

Now THIS guy again!!! Sheesh. Yup, he's the common thread throughout all our finger puppets, and the whole Trout-a-verse to boot. 

So, there you go.  Plus I threw it up in the middle of the week too: MORAL: It's truly amazing what lengths I'll go to to AVOID finishing comic pages. : )