Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Other People's Art...

Was looking around my studio, and I'm amazed at how much stuff in here is NOT made by me...


Have no clue who made this; it's not signed. Came across it in a local Flea Market and bought it for 25 bucks. I just liked what kind of mind dreamt it up. The guy who sold it said he was in a poker game and some guy who lost to him offered it in lieu of payment.

All those wires and plugs ... astonishing what went into making the finished piece. If I find out who did it, I'll throw their name up on here. It's a stunning bit of work.

So many amazing things people make end up in thrifts and garage sales. Forgotten Gems.


This cute little clay Ojo figure was made by the little girl who starred in the Ojo feature. She gave it to me on the last day of shooting. It sits on my coffee table and it's kinda sweet, lurking there. Its clay leg broke off and she glued it back on, which seems fitting, given the story.


My father painted still lifes and abstracts, but this human head is the only clay figure my dad ever made. I gave it a pair of glasses and will use it in one of my Dana stories. He made it when I was a little. For some reason, as a kid, I stuck a pencil in the head, making several holes. My dad filled them in with colored clay. He pulled it from a draw a while back and showed it to me, "Remember this?"  I was thrilled, had forgotten all about it. I asked if I could have it, and he shrugged "sure". He asked me why I once poked holes in its head?

I shrugged, embarrassed. I STILL don't know why I did that. He handed it to me and said, "No worries. You may as well have it. It just sits in a drawer around here."


No clue about this one either. Came across it at a thrift. It looks handmade from clay, not merchandized, but who knows?  It kinda looks like some forgotten relic from an imaginary civilization, doesn't it? Again, if anyone knows who made it, I'll throw credit up on the blog...


Here's something my cousin Dave's daughter made that was lying around our old studio. She was always creating or drawing on things, and this little smiley face survived three studio moves. It always reminds me of when I was drawing the Maxx and my cousin was doing Cow and Chicken. Dave's daughter would often be drawing on the floor at his feet, or creating something out of whatever was lying around.


My mother made this for me from a pez figure (anyone know what one?). She apologized for the paint job, which she felt was rather sloppy, but I didn't care about that. It was the fact that she made it, with love.

It moodily lies tucked away beside mermaids, dusty old books, dinosaurs and the clay Ojo figure, all on my studio coffee table. Hey, what other mom makes their kid's creation into an art piece from a Pez dispenser? Oh yeah, on the right, in shadow, is Alex Pardee's candle label he made, which I've shown before in other posts.

But here it is again, in case you missed it.

So that's about it. Various, random or sentimental art—which gets me out of posting my OWN art this week!   : )