Monday, September 19, 2011

Burnt Fashion Sandwich: Unseen Legs Crap!

psst - skip down below for my comments on... YOUR comments.. on the last post!

Burnt Fashion Sandwich is directly inspired (ripped off?) from Frank Zappa's Burnt Weenie Sandwich Album, which had various eclectic mixture of Frank's music sandwiched between two 50's Doo-Wop song, starting and ending the album. For this post it's a a Burnt Fashion Sandwich. I call it burnt because my fashion doodles don't always go down smooth, and also because it's usually the stuff between the bread people wanna get too.. now to the 'meat' or the post..

My old buddy and fellow fine artists, Josh Hagler, ( 'fine' both as in swell, and someone who's made the leap into fine art galleries) sent me this piece he painted.. using Legs .

It's mind blowing to know this painting was exhibited in a giant castle called Castello di Carlo V, in Italy, and is in Maimi re-stretched for a solo show Josh is having there.  I was surprised and flattered Josh would use my goofy little Legs critter for his such a piece.

It's not just Josh's skill which astounds me, but his imagination ideas... and for lack of a better word... conceptual work. Check his stuff out here.

And just in case you never saw it... here's a few panels from the comic which Josh painted the Legs from.

As I've mentioned before, Legs was a one-shot comic, and sort of a false start for me. It never got the fare shake I intended it to have.  Everyone told me it seemed like a longer story crammed into 22 pages, and it was. In fact, Legs it was a screenplay first, then as some know... later a limited edition Figure too.

But I never really did it justice. Maybe someday I may get back to it, but until then.. here's a few interesting tidbits.

There was a bigger version of Legs too, a big-ass blue one, called Diablo.. which was nastier than the smaller orange-brown one in the comics. Diablo Legs dated back to the early 1900s. 

The original idea was for a series of kids.. in different areas of the country, finding different versions of the Legs creature... each kid would have personal struggle inside which the creature would somehow help them become aware of. There was a baby legs that a little girl discovers too. Water based swimming  Legs and ones that took flight. 

But I worried tying some childhood personal or collective crap into the Legs Mythology was... just too much? For a simple little idea? Was I over thinking it? 

As usual, it can never be a 'simple' idea with me, can it? : )

So, for now, the Legs Mythos.. sits on a back burner.. as more pressing ideas and stories await instead. Like cute chubby girl stories.

..and  that brings us to the bottom half of our sandwich...

Thanks to all the thoughts/comments on a possible chubby-girl Dana Toy figure, and Taboo body parts in general.  Lots of ... ahh... food for thought? (sorry, had too)... Anways, I agree Dr. VeganMike, serious obesity problem vs. acceptance of one's body flaws are always a balancing act. But I'm qualified or interested in the social or health issue, that's (duh!) the individual person's territory.

Megan, Kai, Squeaky, Phonosexual, cody (sorry to lump you all together) thanks for reafirmed I am right to trust my fans, (and my gut) about not under-estimating our appetites for the flawed, quirky and just plain weird - be it in art, toys... or whatever!

Thanks Hazard.  Far as reading more about Dana, I have crap load of unpublished stuff on her, which I'm trying to decide how much to drain out online what to hold back and publish. The sheer number of folks who can check out out on line will be greater, but I still have affection for printed books too. So, probably a little of both?

Andy, cool you dig my realistic ( do i have a 'realistic' guy? maybe you kinda mean buffed looking?) look hot too.  I think when we're all teens, body image looms, no matter what we look like. Proud if that small scene with Julie's scale and tummy struck a cord. Again, weird we don't see more of it on TV, outside of diet or chocolate ads.