Friday, September 30, 2011


Here's the first chapter of  this Chickens Revolt deal HERE... it's a web-strip Jon Way$hak and i have been throwing together.  The first page is by me, then Jon... so we go back and forth.  The other rule we gave ourselves is... as much non-digital as possible.  So.... all the flaws, white out, mistakes and seems showing.

It's a fast and furious pace. Minimum of one page a week, but there WILL be a point to the story.. eventually... once we find one.

Hell, we're just un-apologetically having a blast making it up as we go along.

Don't expect too much though, it's a modest little start at first.. humbly 'hand drawn'...

Just check in Each Week to see what happens next.

Comments: Frank, no worries on sending links to your stuff in comments, i never get tired of seeing how other artists draw. Brain, damn, i'd happily sent you that dried up ink bottle -for free - but i already chucked it in the trash.  I think you'll get over it though. ; )  Glad Cody is digging the fashion stuff... Magen and Casey...  glad your digging the 'process' pics !!!  Mighty thank for all the praise.

Everyone else -  one hang tight: More Posts this weekend ~ !