Thursday, September 1, 2011

'Worlds of sam' painting.

Here's another one for the art book. It started as a possible collaboration with Wayshak, but when he saw it he thought there wasn't enough for him to do,

so I started messing around with it myself..

added to his chin a little..

poured in some color.. acrylic teals and yeah, even a little cheezy glitter i had lying around. Some powdered graphite, little big of this and that, whatever was lying around..

The little blue squiggles are Dr. Martins in a bottle, which I know does tends to fade. but i like using that to it's advantage, and have the blue fade off a little..

kinda enjoy how raw the canvas texture looks when you get in there with a camera.

couldn't decide wither to leave the graphite in here or whit it out with acrylic, so i'll leave it in for now. No, i didn't use Sensodyne toothpaste in it, (though it does look like it here) - it was just lying around the studio. : ) 

and here it is. More of less ... finished? more like.... abandoned? For now. 

Not much room to breath in here is there? Someday i'll learn what's left OUT can be just as powerful as doodling tons of 'textures for textures sake'. Just another painting to throw on the pile, which can come out in the Worlds art book next year. 

I know I'll always be known for me comic art, which I like too.  But i really hope super hero fans would give these paintings a try. 

I had a friend who was embarrassed to admit he was less excited by my current comic book jobs ( in this case, 30 days) than my paintings and sketchbook stuff. I've had other people mention this too in a rather sheepish way.  It's not that they hate my work for hire jobs. I do the best work i can on those jobs - given, 1 they're not my own creations and, 2 the narrowing limitations of drawing any comics these days. 

Maybe it also is magnified by the fact i go back and forth, rather than only do Bone or Love and Rockets. But even Jeff Smith and the Hernandez Bros have done work for hire gigs too.  I'd hardly be the first creator to get more excited by creator owned stuff than work for hire.  It's not I'm holding back on the super hero stuff, it's just OTHER stuff is more exciting at this stage of my life. 

So, I consider it a compliment anyone likes this later stuff. Course lots of people will always prefer batman, wolvie or whatever frailer name brand character they know or grew up with. I grew up on those character too.

So that's cool.

But, hopefully ... *this* is also cool.