Friday, March 9, 2012

Graffiti Maxx

Not something i drew. Just an amazing Graffiti artists I don't know. My old pal Terry Fitzgerald passed this along - thanks man!

Cool quote on the wall.  i was always more impressed by the fans are on the back of Maxx comics than i was my own covers. Their art always pushed me to do better front covers too.

Below is a primitive cover to 'maxx the hair', (before it dawned on me it - duh - wasn't going to be printed in color).  I'd have to wait 10 more years before a color version of maxx would happen.

Note the budget stick on lettering above, and blue quasi-retro-70's looking logo, which thankfully never made it into the image version. This really was before i broke into comics professionally. 

Anyone remember blue lines? Most comic covers were colored with a plastic acetate of the black line art, which you peal up. Then you color on on another board, the black art printed light blue. Hint, after you click on the art, (usually) if you click a *second* time, the image it gets a little bigger .

Here's the color i did for the rejected hulk cover, which i lated used as an I before e cover, (so at least some one might see it. )

Now above here it is with the black plastic acetate added.  If you look up top, you can see one of the hulk logo letters i shoved a board into.

And here's the printed book. The original color boards always look shaper than the printed comic of course.  A lot of the texture gets lost on the hulk's body.  the purple on his face got too dark too.

Much as i love print, there's no denying how much is lost in print vs. online.

Have a cool weekend gang!


Aaron Desira said...

I love the stance of the hulk in this one how he is running through that wall with his arms up like a crazed monkey in the way (I) kids run around with their arms up and yell to over play their feelings in a social situation. Also what you did with the debries is awesome like a 'vortex' around him- he is a force of comic nature i guess. I hope things are flowing for ya sam.

unrelated- i just watched tsunami vids on youtube and am feeling very lucky to be alive indeed- and like things are flowing for me :)

even more unrelated - if you ever come to melbourne, go check out handsome steves house of refreshments at abbotsford convent in abbotsford. I know, strange thing to say- but its a special environment and I would like to think you experienced it !!!

the danman can said...

JackalFive said...

That's SO cool to be able to see the blue lines. I had heard of them (before my time) but have never really seen that process.

Also Sam, years ago I was in contact with Steve Oliff (I found his email on his Olyoptics website), and I was trying desperately to get some of the "free stuff" he had been giving away when Armature came out.

Anyways, he mentioned he was out of free stuff, but he may have old colour sheets and blue sheets from work he had done, and mentioned that he may have Maxx stuff (after I told him I was a huge Maxx geek).

Him and I emailed a few times, and I was ready to purchase whatever Maxx piece (or piece of a piece) that he had, but sadly he fell out of communication around the time he was beginning to root through his cellar to find them. Not sure if he forgot, or if he's still looking for them (this was around 2004 so I hope not!).

Anyways, just thought I'd share that. Is Steve Oliff still around? I hope so, his colour work was amazing.'re still great too, but I KNOW you're still around!

Sjors Trimbach said...

Always loved that cover!

Anonymous said...

Mr K and fellow fans,

Was there an issue 2 of I before E? i have issue 1, spent most of my youth watching for a follow up, or more than 1, have yet to see 2.

or was it a single issue?

keep up the great digging, so amazing to see this special stuff.

your fan in Portland

Sam Kieth said...


Yeah, i like the energy of this panel, i don't think the alternate hulk cover works nearly as well. Oh, i'll be sure and check out Steve's place next time i'm in Melbourne, promise! : )

Jackelfive, I too have lost contact with Steve Oliff, seems like with the economy being so tight, a lot of people bop in and out, depending on what jobs they can land. I'm sure he'll turn up again, he's too talented NOT too. Btw, I hear he did a killer job re-coloring that Walt Simonson Thor reprint marvel did.


the second issue of IBeforeE does indeed exist, i can throw the cover on the blog if you want. I was thinking of re-priting both IB4E issues in a bigger art book, as some pages really looks better in a larger size. Not al, but some.

Those old IbeforeE books are mostly out of print, so might be a good idea.

What do you guys think? Would you mind if an extra 20 pages re-printed stuff, or would those who've already seen it feel cheated seeing it again in a larger art book?

By the way, next post i'll talk about something BIG and COOL... that's to be release in October.

stay tuned,
- Sam

Jessica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

thanks Sam, would love to see any of the I before E issue 2, reprint the whole thing, we will all devour!


JackalFive said...

Sorry to hear you and Steve are out of touch, I always appreciated what he added to your work in the Maxx issues.

Also, this is fifteen years late I realize, but once upon a time you had printed an illustration I did in Maxx Traxx. It was Maxx issue #33 (the Love of Three Oranges issue) and mine was the pointillism drawing I submitted (which was originally an art project). Just wanted to say that made my year, I was SO stoked to see you had not only seen it, but thought it worthy of fan art. Thank you again. I love that you have a blog now, I fell out of collecting comic book for a long time, it's nice to be able to reconnect with you via this blog.


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