Friday, March 9, 2012

Graffiti Maxx

Not something i drew. Just an amazing Graffiti artists I don't know. My old pal Terry Fitzgerald passed this along - thanks man!

Cool quote on the wall.  i was always more impressed by the fans are on the back of Maxx comics than i was my own covers. Their art always pushed me to do better front covers too.

Below is a primitive cover to 'maxx the hair', (before it dawned on me it - duh - wasn't going to be printed in color).  I'd have to wait 10 more years before a color version of maxx would happen.

Note the budget stick on lettering above, and blue quasi-retro-70's looking logo, which thankfully never made it into the image version. This really was before i broke into comics professionally. 

Anyone remember blue lines? Most comic covers were colored with a plastic acetate of the black line art, which you peal up. Then you color on on another board, the black art printed light blue. Hint, after you click on the art, (usually) if you click a *second* time, the image it gets a little bigger .

Here's the color i did for the rejected hulk cover, which i lated used as an I before e cover, (so at least some one might see it. )

Now above here it is with the black plastic acetate added.  If you look up top, you can see one of the hulk logo letters i shoved a board into.

And here's the printed book. The original color boards always look shaper than the printed comic of course.  A lot of the texture gets lost on the hulk's body.  the purple on his face got too dark too.

Much as i love print, there's no denying how much is lost in print vs. online.

Have a cool weekend gang!