Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yet another 'Sam Kieth' tree...


Sorta self-explanatory 'post title' this time, eh?

I need just needed something to do this morning, got up around 2am and couldn't sleep..

I figured you guys wouldn't mind a break from the action figure stuff.  I hope i don't seem cheezy by plugging it, like, hey, be sure and buy this toy. It's more like i regress to a 12 year old boy when i see ANY toy. Can't help it. It's like cereal or bubble gum, (or Hello Kitty if your a chick. ) Or some guys! ~ hell, i'm a sucker for all that girly crap too. I have the balls to admit it.

okay, so were's this going? no clue.

So it it a little asian woman sitting on it, or is it just a big-ass tree she's sitting in? You could argue THIS is it, i could stop right here, it's finished. i mean, i have to finish the woman, but it's got a nice hazy quality right now doesn't it?

But i can never leave well enough alone, can i?


the watercolor will add texture, but it also eats into the pen work, which isn't so bad considering how sloppy much of it is. I was trying for one of those Jeff Catherine Jones minimal kinda trees when i started..

or my version of one, (whatever that is)...

a little grease pencil here in the tree's shadow might add some cool soft texture.

give our eye something to rest over.  My eye always wants to find a focus in a painting, and the edges to float by and not get in the way.

a suggestion of gnarly roots?

And there we go...

well, at least that killed an hour.

But it's still early... better get some other stuff done now too..

Thanks for letting me 'talk to myself' out loud.

- sam


the danman can said...

Sam, your trees are the bee's knees!

jlosacco said...

Love it, just stunning.

cody said...

Incredible. Really like the colors.

champloo said...

Sam,I'm really enjoying the toy designs posts! man, I wish i could have some of that figures... The chair design is amazing, by the way

ant said...

it's amazing what you can do in an hour, i draw and paint too, but you make me feel like the slowest guy in town, still totally inspiring though, keep up the good work!

Aaron Desira said...

You said it ant. You did that in an HOUR?? All i get at 2am is the urge to drink and pee- which is a cruel cycle. Please put that dreamy giant tree tiny lady in the art book for us sam.

Sam Kieth said...

Thanks guys... i never mean to brag when it comes out fast. it's not a race, and sometimes it looks like sh*t from a goose... hit or miss. Remember that's a pretty simple watercolor too!

About putting it in the art book, i keep debating. Will it make you guys feel cheated if stuff on the blog shows up in the book? I'm trying ti mix it up, or at least show different angels or scans of it... throw in some new stuff too.

just wanna avoid, oh, seen then. (tune page) yup. that one too. yawn. next?

The blogs interesting, because it's a interactive, where a books not so much. trying to find the strengths of each.

That's why the toy is cool... you can be preview, give feedback on what's cool or could be improved as it mutates! : )

Back to the boards! - thanks a ZILLION for the feedback gang.

your pal,

nico said...

I think you should choose your favorites from the blog and put them in the book... The blog it's great but doesn't sate the feeling of being owner or "have" some part of your art; so I'll buy it even if it has 1K pages.
love your work Sam, and thanks for this blog!

cody said...

I wouldn't feel cheated if these were in the book I like having the art in print, I just want your book to be large big pages like ashley woods fat tarino

Sam Kieth said...

Yeah cody, that's it, BIG books... that's a given. in fact that's why i've mostly want any Dana or Nola books as BIG oversized coffee table books too. Luckily IDW and On are on cool with those sizes.

That format seems to be what we're all looking for, doesn't it? Those over-sized Ash books make it hard to go back to smaller sizes trades. They're so addictive.

Also remind me of those over-sized Marvel Treasury Editions too. Those books were so big and magical, i felt like a little kid ... just turning the pages.

Marcus Collar said...

your so big and magical...


Marcus Collar said...

I can't wait for the IDW stuff I tried to get some info out of Alonzo who works for them but he was tight lipped...

It's very cool to have a little window into the worlds of Sam Kieth!

Anonymous said...

Wow, very Yoshitaka Amano vibe with that tree, your so talented, thanks for doing the blog Sam !


Benjamin said...

Hey Sam, quick question. Did you do the cover of Gravestone #5, or did someone completely rip off your style? (i bought it today just in case)

lucasirineu said...

I spend a few days without checking this blog and BAM three posts.

Anyway, all of them were awesome! Can't wait to see the figures when they get made!

Sam Kieth said...

Yoshitaka Amano? Yeah, he's awesome. Yeah, i can see what you mean... does sorta have that feeling to it.

Ben, Gravestone 5 cover? Nope - wasn't me. I don't know about rip off... but i kinda see what you mean with the phone cords bits. : )

Okay, Yeah, sometimes i go dormant, then Bang! - a bunch posts come flying out all at once - i'll try to throw up another post this weekend!

Have cool weekends everyone!

Benjamin said...

I can't figure out how to post a pic from my phone. But, it has your signature style (with the E as three lines) looks like the face was traced from one of your M.C.P. Ghost Rider covers, also he has big feet. I did pick up Robotech: The Macross Saga #8 though. So, I'm super excited about that. You doing any cons soon?

Sam Kieth said...

Yeah, well.. i'm flattered either way. Some people could argue i'm a clone of artists like Wrightson, Sienkiewicz, Frazetta, and all 'The Studio' guys, (and tons of others).

I think everybody starts out aping their favorites... and somehow, eventually... it starts looking like 'you', whatever that means. Tons of other artists shoulders we all stand on. Keeps one humble.

You know, i should post a few of those old MCP Ghost rider covers. The Wolvie MCP covers get most of the attention, natch'... but I really like some of those Ghosty covers.

Man, I even gave Ghost rider MAMMOTH feet didn't i? lol

Benjamin said...

Haha, yeah. He had some gigantic feet on those. Personally I love your Nightcrawler covers on MCP.

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