Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yet another 'Sam Kieth' tree...


Sorta self-explanatory 'post title' this time, eh?

I need just needed something to do this morning, got up around 2am and couldn't sleep..

I figured you guys wouldn't mind a break from the action figure stuff.  I hope i don't seem cheezy by plugging it, like, hey, be sure and buy this toy. It's more like i regress to a 12 year old boy when i see ANY toy. Can't help it. It's like cereal or bubble gum, (or Hello Kitty if your a chick. ) Or some guys! ~ hell, i'm a sucker for all that girly crap too. I have the balls to admit it.

okay, so were's this going? no clue.

So it it a little asian woman sitting on it, or is it just a big-ass tree she's sitting in? You could argue THIS is it, i could stop right here, it's finished. i mean, i have to finish the woman, but it's got a nice hazy quality right now doesn't it?

But i can never leave well enough alone, can i?


the watercolor will add texture, but it also eats into the pen work, which isn't so bad considering how sloppy much of it is. I was trying for one of those Jeff Catherine Jones minimal kinda trees when i started..

or my version of one, (whatever that is)...

a little grease pencil here in the tree's shadow might add some cool soft texture.

give our eye something to rest over.  My eye always wants to find a focus in a painting, and the edges to float by and not get in the way.

a suggestion of gnarly roots?

And there we go...

well, at least that killed an hour.

But it's still early... better get some other stuff done now too..

Thanks for letting me 'talk to myself' out loud.

- sam