Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just a quickie...

I'll post another BIG-ASS toy update later this week, but just wanted to warm up this morning with a quickie sketch.

..sorta botched the mouth, but i'll live with it. her whole face seems a little... droopy? sad? I dunno. something's not quite gelling on this one for some reason..

i think it looks better upside down actually.

Thanks for the feedback on the last asian one. I actually agree with everyone, i can see why it works and... sorta doesn't work. The point of that one was motion and blur.

Either way it's, fly or fall... fun to throw yourself in off the deep end of the pool sometime.

I've drowned in worse artists messes.

The point, for me it to... just keep swimming.

Thanks for ALL the feedback,  and remember... it's *never* lost on me folks.

- sam 


juvinwo said...

Lol. Just "another sketch" from the amazing Sam Kieth!! Lol

jlosacco said...

Seriously great.

Just, wow.

Christina Bryant said...

Not sure what you were going for with her, but I feel like you caught a very moving expression... as if in the midst of a very trying situation, the moment when she shut her eyes, let the hurt and exhaustion hit her full force and knock the air out of her slowly.

Dan Reece said...

Nothin' wrong with having a droopy face. Thanks for sharing all your art mistakes Sam!

Marcus Collar said...

I thought maybe you'd draw a quinche.

lucasirineu said...

Damn, this is wonderful.

Aaron Desira said...

You got a good blurred affect where there are highlights in her hair and jacket, her neck is kinda crazy long. Would love to see your take on a geshia .. dont thing I spelt that right but you know, those japanese ladies.

got no doubt youll find whatever it is you are looking for with this asian lady sam

keep it up

mosheh said...

Oh dear, she looks mad. I wonder what happened :).

Sam Kieth said...

Thanks gang....

Wow, it IS sorta a crazy long neck isn't it Aaron? Weird how when your working on a piece, you've no clue what stands out to other people who see it fresh. It's like when i read Christina seeing exhaustion or Marcus seeing a quiche, or Mosheh seeing her mad. Lucasirineu seeing something wonderful.

It's like i get to look at it thru your guys's eyes, which is a great, because i don't trust my own jaded eyes or judgment anymore. My opinions are much less important than whatever my hand 'says'. Let it do the talking, eh?

- sam

Marcus Collar said...

ok I thought I misspelled that lol

but once I read that I looked at the pic again as food art

imagine if it was a quiche with a face on it anyway

I think people make bean dip art right?


keep swimming as you said, keep kicking ass