Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just a quickie...

I'll post another BIG-ASS toy update later this week, but just wanted to warm up this morning with a quickie sketch.

..sorta botched the mouth, but i'll live with it. her whole face seems a little... droopy? sad? I dunno. something's not quite gelling on this one for some reason..

i think it looks better upside down actually.

Thanks for the feedback on the last asian one. I actually agree with everyone, i can see why it works and... sorta doesn't work. The point of that one was motion and blur.

Either way it's, fly or fall... fun to throw yourself in off the deep end of the pool sometime.

I've drowned in worse artists messes.

The point, for me it to... just keep swimming.

Thanks for ALL the feedback,  and remember... it's *never* lost on me folks.

- sam