Monday, April 9, 2012

Tree on Texture - Part 2


...finishing up the Tree. Last post i'd pasted the textured paper down and just started in on it...

Oops, flash gave out.  sorry.

that's better. a little bury on the moss part though. ... tree still is pretty crude looking so far.

I got the kooky idea to try to follow the stringy 'veins' of the paper with my pen. you'd probably never notice looking at it straight on, but from an angle you can see it a little..

i'm still shy about laying on too much watercolor..

 but i can see colored pencil alone just gets lost on this paper.

kay. that's a start. I can't take any credit for this, because i didn't 'draw' the texture, (that's on the paper itself) -

but i STILL love the effect texture of the paper worked into the watercolor and stamp pad olive green.

these branches kinda get lost too. Instead of leaves, how about a suggestion of a weeping willow?

Something wispy and kinda... wind blown?

don't worry, i'll work this white into the beige paper more smoothly than it is here.

right now the white's a little sickly and abrupt, don't you think? Gotta love that moss! Man, i can't get ENOUGH of Olive Green Mossy Texture, even the suggestion of it. You don't have to draw ever fiber in there..

I mean, you CAN, i have before, will again. But this is nice too.

okay, that'll have to do for now. still a little timid looking, uh? I think it's because if i used a bolder stronger stroke i was spooked of ripping the already fragile paper surface. 

That's the trade off or working on Three Dimensional surfaces. Hey, at least i managed.. 

not to paint on Fiber Glass this time, eh? 

Stupid is supposed to hurt.