Friday, April 6, 2012

Pot-belly REALLY starts to Take Shape, (literally!)

NOW it's really coming together! Check out the comparison below, between Kim's early 'rough sculpt' and this LATER version one with all the texture in there!!! 

Pretty cool eh? Hopefully i'm not driving you guys crazy with potbelly figure posts, it's just exciting for me.

Just a couple more of the figure sketches i wanted to throw up too.

But since toys take time and the pre-production of them is ongoing, so be sure I'll mix it up some other projects too.

Other comics, pin ups, paintings whatever is on the art table.  Here's a few more body shots Kim passed along. I am struggling to keep up with the INSANE detail Kim added too!!!

 Now my drawings seem kinda budget by comparison, but a 3D figure is always a little more impressive.

But imagination and 2D has it's place too. Guess if i hadn't dreamed up this goody guy... wouldn't even have gotten this far in the first place.

 But now i GOTTA get serious about designing that box he's looking at! Just picture all these miniature on vintage Trout ads pasted on the side of the box too... the 1900s keyboard, it will be so freaky!!

I didn't notice this before, but check out the texture on the belly, sorta like hair isn't it? Kim really outdid himself on those folds on the sides too.

Also those yummy neck cords pulling down to below the collar bone. I actually de-emphasized the collar bone in my drawings to pull the eye into that semi circle from eyeball down to belly.

Every time I look at these photos i catch something new, and this is just the non-colored version! These sculptor dudes always kick my ass!

But it's great because it gets me all ambitious to shoot them new sketches, back and forth, feeding each other as fellow artists! Guess you always admire in other artists whatever you can't do... or what it would never even OCCUR to do yourself. 

I'm breaking out the color now... pens, watercolors, screw it.. 

I'm gonna ATTACK this sucker mercilessly now, who cares of i screw it up! 

Seeing what a ASTOUNDING job Kim did do far, have new ENERGY just picturing how bad-ass the magic box his typing on and those little Chibi Figures can look now.  

The better magic box drawings i give him, the more inspired he'll be too!  

Will is sell like batman figures. Hell no. Does it matter? Nope. Even if it just makes US fans happy, then it's still just cool to have something figure that doesn't look all slick and cool, (since most of us in real life… are less than perfect, eh? ) 

I'll ad some darker ink and brush strokes up this potbelly figure, then into some kick ass detailed Magic Boxes drawings, and that Tree drawing everyone seems to likes is from a new comic, which needs some more pages too. It's all just more grist for the mill. 

Stan tuned folks! 

- Sam