Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Trying

Continuing on my usual journey...

nothing special, just some facial studies of a some grandma, could be anyones..

plus a few scattered surreal doodles along the borders..

Figure drawing, (or as close as i get to it) is always slippery slope. I'm both surprised when i pull of a relatively realistic looking face, but also impatient with it.

Thousands of artists before me have drawn or painted millions of faces, technically far beyond anything i 'll ever pull off, so what's the point? I also get impatient with these kinds of existential sophomoric arguments i have with myself about realism vs. surreal/conceptual/post-modern art.

Yet, my pathetic brain gnaws it to death, like everything else my mind tears apart.

Which is a fancy way of saying... i think too WAY much.

Some might say 'draw' too much too. : )

It IS interesting to see pieces of a single page in photos, like puzzle pieces almost...

....then finally see how they all fit together, isn't it?

Sorta as if .... every single illustration is almost like a story in itself? My mind can't help but make a story of things i draw.

Is that just me, or is it true for you guys too?

Like, i never noticed till just now... how it looks like this older woman is sniffing the purple color coming off this guys nose. Never noticed it even while i was drawing it. Just pure luck.  

I probably should have finished the main grandma in the center more. Or painted her.  But instead i got 'lost in doodles' along the way... maybe the old lady's she's better off from my quitting her when i did? Someone once said the key to a great drawing is knowing when to quit. 

Yeah, 'knowing when to quit'? This from a guy who's always trying to rise past my OWN anal 'rendering for rendering's sake' habit.  Focus on 'detail' or realism at the expense of gesture of abstraction... can be a trap. It was for me.  Still is. Hell, who wants to be the same artists i was 5 or ten years ago?  Trying, (regardless of if the drawing fails or not)... 

....just *trying*something new, in of itself... 

...that's HAS good thing, right?