Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Trying

Continuing on my usual journey...

nothing special, just some facial studies of a some grandma, could be anyones..

plus a few scattered surreal doodles along the borders..

Figure drawing, (or as close as i get to it) is always slippery slope. I'm both surprised when i pull of a relatively realistic looking face, but also impatient with it.

Thousands of artists before me have drawn or painted millions of faces, technically far beyond anything i 'll ever pull off, so what's the point? I also get impatient with these kinds of existential sophomoric arguments i have with myself about realism vs. surreal/conceptual/post-modern art.

Yet, my pathetic brain gnaws it to death, like everything else my mind tears apart.

Which is a fancy way of saying... i think too WAY much.

Some might say 'draw' too much too. : )

It IS interesting to see pieces of a single page in photos, like puzzle pieces almost...

....then finally see how they all fit together, isn't it?

Sorta as if .... every single illustration is almost like a story in itself? My mind can't help but make a story of things i draw.

Is that just me, or is it true for you guys too?

Like, i never noticed till just now... how it looks like this older woman is sniffing the purple color coming off this guys nose. Never noticed it even while i was drawing it. Just pure luck.  

I probably should have finished the main grandma in the center more. Or painted her.  But instead i got 'lost in doodles' along the way... maybe the old lady's she's better off from my quitting her when i did? Someone once said the key to a great drawing is knowing when to quit. 

Yeah, 'knowing when to quit'? This from a guy who's always trying to rise past my OWN anal 'rendering for rendering's sake' habit.  Focus on 'detail' or realism at the expense of gesture of abstraction... can be a trap. It was for me.  Still is. Hell, who wants to be the same artists i was 5 or ten years ago?  Trying, (regardless of if the drawing fails or not)... 

....just *trying*something new, in of itself... 

...that's HAS good thing, right? 


Fernando Valencia said...

This is a nice odd piece. The woman on the bottom came out pretty cool. How she kind of ended up looking like Dr. Frankenfurter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Or maybe it's just me. Who knows?

Gildardo Triana said...

My problem is wanting the framework of a story before I start drawing, unless it is just figure study or working from a reference. I use to just turn things into stories and also just draw pages of things for the heck of it. Then after college when I started doing troubleshooting at a tech company all the analytical thinking dried me up. Ten years later I decided I wanted to get back to creating and two years since and alot of practice I am just getting back to the groove I had back in High School. I suppose the good is I have more experience now and my drawing is almost what I want for the stories I want to tell. I just need to DO more instead of spinning my wheels PLANNING. I suppose this is all just a long way of saying YUP been there before :)

jlosacco said...

It's always nice to see you trying new stuff.

I always think WAY too much about the stories in my stuff as well. One small piece leads into another, maybe something I haven't even done yet. I might not see the story finished for years.

You're amazing Sam, keep it up.

Dan Reece said...

I like that Sam, it's a chaos into control thing. You start drawing and all of the sudden the lines and scribbles turn into a story, a message from the deepest part of ourselves.

jennifer kraska said...

LOVE this post soooo much!
I could starte at that page forever.
I know what you mean by the internal struggle when you sketch. I get trapped in my own head all the time. I'm impatient and always get ahead of myself. This leads to loads of 'unfinished' work.
I do think that every sketch has a story.
Yes - trying can be trying at times! Let's all keep trying ;)

Dan Reece said...

Speaking of struggle, does anyone else have a real hard time when you want to draw something specific, as if there is an independent force inside you that doesn't care what you want?

Marcus Collar said...

Thinking too much is bad but drawing too much I think is very good

just be sure to breathe and drink water and stuff

but I say screw it

Its funny I love to draw when I'm supposed to be spending time with my family so I end up drawing what my kids want lol

and yes I say the story aspect of every drawing is somewhat like the potential of color possibilities

and as far as knowing when to quit I LOVE THE ERASER AS A TOOL or white paint I know you have covered this several times in the blog

and Dan Reece I feel you on that but :

do a "struggle" piece then like 5 hours after your ready to die take a break drink some water then try again on another piece of paper ..repeat and rise

Anonymous said...

First of all, my humble opinion is that you are a real artist
although i suppose its "strange" to be an artist at the states
and i m really impressed how you draw in a state of style
of american comic books.
One thing i always wonder about you is have you ever
did a self portrait? I think that artists like you, or
Catherine Jones or Schiele found it interesting...
and i still dont get what is behind this "woman"
Anyway... thanks for all the art
I really miss Mister Gone
and all these endless dialogs of your characters...

Jeff Lafferty said...


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