Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Way$hak's Cardboard Dude.


Here's a pile of half finished pieces Way$hak dropped off for me to work on.

Three pieces to be exact.

Love John's stuff. He does stuff i'd never dream of doing. Yet everything he does seems strangely familiar to me, like part of a shared universe.

I hadn't realized it had been so long since i've updated Chickens too, but that's another story. Jon's digging back into that and I wanna give another burst to that one to finish it off with a bang, whimper, whatever. I think with Jon's help i can still get in some good pages on that sucker too.

But for today, let's start with this dude.... done on cardboard.

yeah, not 'acid free', but that's the point. perishable. Which takes the pressure off in a way. add some color, see where it goes..

not sure where were taking this sucker yet. Sadly most of this Brown won't show up in the finished piece, but that's fine. It could be a whole different piece if i left it just like this,

but i can' leave well enough alone...

...one thing for sure is if i paint over it, tons of Jon's nice line work will get obliterated, but that's true if i inked it too. Here i wanted to use the colored pencils to bring out the 'lines' between the cardboard under the surface.

paint can tend to lose a lot of pen work detail. some olivia green, orange, a little crimson..

sometimes the effect is stronger than the pen lines, sometimes it's worse, never know until it's TOO late and abandoned.

like a sinking ship.

sometimes a happy accident though. This is pretty violent looking with all that crimson isn't it?

sometimes a mirror or looking at a piece upside down helps me see it with fresh eyes.

I have been in a rut the last few days,

so maybe if nothing else, maybe working over someone *else* ....will wake me up a little.

thanks John.