Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chewed up Stuffed Animals..

Here's a goofy little thing i *was* going to throw up on Tumblr, but instead we'll throw it up here.

While i'll try to resist posting those annoying *cute pet photos* most folks post... I don't mind showcasing occasional pics of dismembered stuffed animals our little dog has his way with.

Besides, it gives the Cap'ian something to do, doesn't it?


I know, i posted this Hollows Preview already - but I had used up some space, so I to bought some extra gigs on the blog so the photos should open bigger again now. For a few posts they weren't opening as large. So that's fixed.

Figure you won't mind clicking and see this a little larger.


Pre-New Years Resolution: I have promised myself to start making things out of all the piles of crap material in my studio - new rule is, before i can buy anymore paint, fabric, clay, or bristol board, i need to dig into all the *unused* stuff longing to be made into something.


I briefly tried out Tumblr last week, but i found some of my other fans had thrown up tons of my art already. Hey, they've done  a far better job than i could, which is way cool because it saves me the trouble.

Any fans who get my art out there for other folks to see, that's totally cool by me!


cody said...

what there is nothin wrong with cute pet photos, its funny to see how dogs dismember there toys. Mine always go rite for the eyes then pull out all the stuffing and noise maker which is wierd because they really friendly but that animal instinct is pretty crazy. Sam I know you talked about tumblr but have you ever checked comic art fans for your art.

Sam Kieth said...

Hey Cody,

Yeah, it is weird seeing a puppy shake a stuffed animal ... we all laugh, but it's instinct is probably trying to break a wild animal's neck. Freaky how we sublimate their into cute plush toys.

Yeah, I used to check out Comic Art site... It's been a while since I've checked it out though. I mostly use it to look at other artists work though, but it's pretty cool.