Sunday, December 30, 2012

Weathered Old Lady..

I've decided to pour in some more personal insights into the art book... Enzo was actually a separate book I think will fit better into the art book. Not a re-hash of history... when I read an art book I always wonder, what free floating thoughts, music, smells or seasons occurred when such and such a page was drawn?

That's the plan. We'll se how it all jells together. At least it might make it worthy of a second read rather than just be a big 'picture book'..


Meanwhile... here's something else I tried.

I decided to 'age' the paper I drew it on, just like her skin is aged.

You can see I wanted her scarf to cover more of her head so I clumsily pasted over another piece of paper.

I love the leathery skin ones gets as they ages.

Tried to 'blur' her mid way down the body...

....trying for some feeling motion?

actually, could almost be an old man. Funny how depending on the body type, the gender almost disappears in some people.

Hey, I have to throw in some quasi -normal portraits between all these abstracts I do, eh?


Btw: Thanks for the kind comments.. it's flattering when fans see my whole body of work as a whole piece. More and more... it feels like that to me too, even if some of it was work for hire or owned by a publisher, and some i own, it all bears my thumb print in some way, eh?


Have a cool holiday everyone!

ps: .....lastly hear it is... scanned... without all the wacky dutch camera angles.


Two Bonus "Chewed up Stuffed Animal" Post from the Cap'ian:


jennifer kraska said...

Hey Sam, great couple of posts here. I've tried to comment, but my recent move has messed with my connectivity :( hope this one works.
Loads of character in that old woman. Glad to see you scanned the whole thing at the end.
Really liked your last post showing all the scribbles, notes and influences. I eat that stuff up! Soooo excited about the art books....can't wait!
Thanks for posting.
BTW - if I had a sliver of disposable income left, I'd jump all over a tree commission ;) .....something to squirrel away for in 2013......

Sam Kieth said...

Thanks jen! Yeah, I love sticky notes and scribbles too... takes a shift in people's mind that any art book i do will have all this messy stuff, but i think everyone on the blog'll get it.

Don't worry about a commission, maybe someday i'll trade you one of my trees for one of those amazing bird watercolors you do so well. ; )

jennifer kraska said...

Deal :)

champloo said...

hey sam check this out, i tought you might like to see this; it's an old cover from some jungle music artist that used a maxx image, this might have happened more than a decade ago!

Sam Kieth said...

Pretty cool... amazing all the places he turns up, walls, murals.

Thanks man!

cody said...

awesome, really like the expression and posture.