Thursday, January 3, 2013

Abstract Painting... that morphed into something else..

Here's something that I just started for fun...

Just dabbling with some Clear Gell...

This stuff is usually used with Golden Acrylics,which do interesting things with the Gell.

..but you can use regular Acrylics with the it too.

Pretty messy until it tries..

..but the up side you can tilt and work with the Gell while it's still wet. Get different effects by tilting and dripping.. rubbing...

...dragging the pallet can cause some sweet 'tracks' effects too...

so normally i'd quite right here..

but it occurs to me i might be able to work this into some cool textures...

...for a Nola page!  .. this Mom Logo on the lower left should do the trick.

I'll work in one a mom's face with the 'eyes that don't match on purpose'...  down at the bottom...

Now here's a rough version... I blend it a bit more below...

I think adding the panel borders ( even if their empty right now) - actually may *help* unify this page a bit, what do you think?

I like panel borders done digitally too...  but i did the borders right on the art look better, so the rough texture of the paint effects shows through. You may have to click on it to get closer and see what i mean.

So that's that. Now the easy part - i just need to add something to go INTO these panels, so it makes a story.

Wish me luck.


Btw... has anyone had any trouble posting comments? I remember a few posts back someone mentioned it i think.  Luckily the spam has not been to bad not a problem so far either.  Fingers crossed!


Arjan said...

I love seeing the creative process here! And it will be so much cooler when eventually I will see this page actually turning up in a book!

I just finished reading the first issue of Hollows and loved it! And what I mention above definitely goes for Hollows as well: I was great seeing previews, sketches and works in progress months ago already on your blog. It made me look at the end result with different eyes.

Keep 'em coming Sam! :-)

Aaron Desira said...

dropping a mushroom cloud of luck on yr studio sam. I liked this page better without the panels personally. If I was you I would save this one for a one page revelation of a thought nola has.. or something. But im not you! Such a stupid thing to say huh..

If you are still doin commissions by the time I have 3 and a half grand im gonna ask for poison ivy having tea with rocksteady from ninja turtles in her garden. I know you would do something super fine with that situation!

hope yr comic thing goes well. dont knit yr phalanx's together on a-count of being a good guy to us fans will you..

Are you into Tiki art? you have put me onto plenty a good artist on the blog, know any tiki guys/gals? I am really getting into it, its kinda a warped manga thing

take care sam

Anonymous said...

Check this out a maxx custom munny.

Rachael Kelly said...

Mr Kieth,
I would just like to say - I love your work.
All of it. I think of comics that I love and all my favourite panels and they turn up in this blog. I know it must be frustrating to feel pigeon-holed by fans who like The Maxx when you're trying to move away from it but - to write and pencil your own comic is no small feat. It's commendable. Also - saying The Maxx didn't make sense unless you were stoned at 2 am in the morning seems harsh. Which brings me to a question I always wanted to ask you - Wasn't Pangea a reference to Huxley's 'Heaven and Hell' and his experiences with psilocybin and LSD? The foreign creatures and the impending apocalypse? And also a metaphor for the "Id" in Freudian terms - the survivalist? The basical/primal/race memory we all have in our brains. The simpler life. And the other two realities are the "Ego" and the "Super Ego"? Maxx's different psyches all dealing with the same trauma? Am I just reading way too far into the world and/or accidentally admitting that I may sometime get stoned and read comics? Anyway - I fear this has been too long for a post that started out NOT being about The Maxx, I'm sorry. I loved your Batman, Sandman and Transmet work. You give me hope that leaving university was an okay life decision. #Justanotherfangirl

Rachael Kelly said...

Also - for future reference: is there a fan email you have?

Marcus Collar said...

YES I had trouble posting last night BUT it was on an iPad so im sure it was on this side of the net! heh

but WOW how did you add the shapes for the panels in the final pic of the MOM page?

is that paint are you using a stencil? I guess it doesn't matter just know it kicks ass!! hehe

my girlfriend and I will be there Saturday!!! can't wait!!!! its like Christmas in January man!!!!


Rafael Only said...

I'm Gonna love even more this page when it turns into a story!

Good Luck, Sam!

Marcus Collar said...

does anyone know or if Cap can answer this, what is the Batman issue where Sam Kieth did a small penguin story I have mentioned it on the blog before but I need to buy a copy of it before Saturday so I can haggle him to sign it?

mucho respecto!


Christina Burris said...

Mr. Kieth -

I've been in love with your art since my first job bagging comics when I was 11. I kinda failed at it, though - ended up reading them all and sketching The Maxx + Julie on the backboards, haha.

I just discovered your blog and WOW it is rad to see the art in process!

I had planned on being at the signing but - egads! - may not be making it after all. I am sooo sad! Are you perchance signing or visiting any other places in Northern California? I understand these events are quite few and far between.

All the best! Hope I get to see you this weekend!


Marcus Collar said...

Nola is going to be amazing!

best thing overheard at the signing

"But Sam is signing everyones comics and talking to each person individually, but the two hour time slot is over?"

Sam's Mom "Oh he won't leave anyone out in the cold"

she didn't miss a beat and knew her son would meet with every fan that arrived even if the line was around the building. Thank you such a pleasure to meet you!

I forgot to ask is the building next to World's Best, the laer tag place isnt that in one of your comics or you have drawn that building before? also the Sam's hauf beau right? I swear they feel familiar?

much respect and admiration,
Marcus Collar
Napa, CA

Marcus Collar said...

lazer tag* not laer

cody said...

love the coors and textures

cody said...


Danouro said...

this is amazing, Sam!

also, I don't think you'd ever see this at all, man, but I REALLY need to email you. It's not a fan letter or a commission or whatever, I just need some advice on love and this thing is killing me... ):

If you some how get this and care, could you please drop me an email at; ?

-Dan! :D

Mightyduke said...

A couple weeks late but,,,
Happy 50th birthday Sam!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great use of colors and the unique mixture of detail work with broader strokes. Any word on when The Demon book that you and Scott Ian worked on will be out (or has it already been released ... did I miss the boat again?)

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