Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Worlds Best Comics" Signing..

Hey Gang,

WORLDS BEST COMICS - Jan 12th Store Signing:   
 A good friend Anthony Leano was awesome enough to amp up some momentum for Dave Downey's store signing I'll be at Jan 12th, with a facebook page. Since I'm not part of facebook universe, I'll just pass the above link along.  I guess there'll even may be some dude from the CGC may come out witness signatures. I think comics are a little small for the whole 'signature authentication' thing myself, but if that's your thing... and he shows up to do it, go for it.  Just don't feel pressured if it's not authenticated, I'll sign it either way.

 Some fans asked if I will be bringing, (or selling), art at the signing, I will not. Your only shot at buying  any art from me is thru the usual source: Albert Moy. Also I'm flattered.... and overwhelmed by the TONS of requests have flooded into Albert for commissions!  That's so cool of everyone to ask. But  heads up, the going price for an original piece is 1500 dollars for a single  figure, or 3500 for two figures and a colored background.  Now, I totally get if you don't wanna pop for this much. But it is the going price for what Albert's other artists get for personalized sketches.

If this is more than you wanna pay, no worries... just ignore the emails you've already sent.  However, if you still *are* still interested, can you hit him up with another email please? Sorry for any confusion.  

CHARACTERS I'LL DO (... or won't ) 
 I'm also responsible for some confusion about what characters I'd be willing to draw.  Here's the deal, but since I've done three Maxx's in a row (uuug!) .. on the last round of commissions?  Mind if taking a break from the whole Maxx/Julie/Gone stuff for a while? 

 Any *other* characters might be cool. Remember there's a ton of other characters out there too. But far as Wolvie or Maxx go.... I'd just like a break from those two dudes for now.

 Lastly, I know there's tons of folks who fall in the cracks of just wanting a 50 - 300 dollar sketch. I'm afraid I don't have hand anymore to crank out tons of sketched at public appearances.  And I don't think it's fair for me to YOU if I to agree to a sketch at a store or convention, if if I won't have the time (or energy) to do later.  Like other artists, I only have so many 'lines' in me. I'd like to save those for the comics and my paintings.  Again there's tons of sketches floating around on ebay in the cheaper price ranges. If you have a blank comic cover, i'd be happy to do a quickie doodle for free on that.

 I hope none of this dampens your enthusiasm. It will be a blast to see everyone in person again, wither you have a ton of comics... or just one. Or of just wanna stop by and say 'hey', either is cool.

 That's about it... i'll try to throw up sone new art this weekend.

 Thanks to Dave, Anthony and everyone else for helping pull this sucker off.