Sunday, January 10, 2016

More Twout Crap..

Here's a few bits n' bobs from an upcoming Twout related Project..

Coming out sometime coming later this year.  Finger's crossed.  Above is a rather surreal looking piece, lampooning the usual Maxx-Wolvie pose i drew on so many comic covers over the years.

The Trout has appeared in many forms, even in a 1950s newspaper strip. ( Obviously un-proofed,  but then nothing i write on my artwork is spelled correctly anyhoo... so why start now? ) 

Here's the original art from a Sunday page from the 1900s,  note a speck of white paint has accidentally turned watch "parts"... into farts.  Sadly, such accidents are common place in the Twout-a-verse.

Here's a 20 x 40 inch vintage poster i doodled various trout ads onto... kinda hard to see here, but these and other art will appear in the Mysteries of the Twout-a-Verse book sometime in December, and also some sort films i'm finishing off just for fun.

Course i'll try to keep pumping out more slightly commercial Maxx stuff to help pay for all this creative detours and otherwise bizarre tomfoolery

which i keep inflicting on all my loyal obsessive Maxx-Heads...

or, Twout-Heads...

or maybe it's Sam-Heads?