Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Maxx 1-6, Artist Edition

I'm not the best at promoting my own work, but this blog is the easiest way to let everyone know when i've something new out. The best price to order the Maxx artist edition, which reprints Issues 1-6 and Darker image 1 and 2, can be found HERE.

If your not into original art sized hard covers, no worries.  Since it's been so long since i've put out any books lately, so until Worlds of Sam 2 ( which, yes, i am working on ) comes out, this should give you guys something new to check out.

I also thought i'd throw up a few Maxx pages you can check out, in case you don't wanna pop for something like this.  I know it's mostly for fans of original art sized Artist Edition books, which are a smaller hard core group of collectors than most of my fans are.

So don't feel obligated.  See?  Told you i suck at self promotion.

Thanks again.