Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Maxx 1-6, Artist Edition

I'm not the best at promoting my own work, but this blog is the easiest way to let everyone know when i've something new out. The best price to order the Maxx artist edition, which reprints Issues 1-6 and Darker image 1 and 2, can be found HERE.

If your not into original art sized hard covers, no worries.  Since it's been so long since i've put out any books lately, so until Worlds of Sam 2 ( which, yes, i am working on ) comes out, this should give you guys something new to check out.

I also thought i'd throw up a few Maxx pages you can check out, in case you don't wanna pop for something like this.  I know it's mostly for fans of original art sized Artist Edition books, which are a smaller hard core group of collectors than most of my fans are.

So don't feel obligated.  See?  Told you i suck at self promotion.

Thanks again.


Marcus Collar said...

Worlds 2 is gonna be fun I can tell given the tempo and depth of Worlds 1!!!

Thank you for doing that project it's like a coffee table book into the mind of Sam Kieth!

Loved all the stories and personal stuff it touches lives in a different way then stories. And including a lost story was very cool too! ok I'll stop praising and get back to drawing!

Napa, CA

Deron Murphree said...

Thanks for sharing all your many different worlds, Sam!

Mightyduke said...

Darker Image 2?? This going to be awesome!!

Terrence Cain said...

Flippin' awesome, Sam! :)

cody said...

So psyched didn't know you were doing an artist edition.

Graycon Sonata said...

Hi Sam congratulations on the new book. Have always been a great fan of The Maxx. Would love a way to get in touch as would love to talk more about you and the posibility of interviewing you for our podcast. Looking forward to your reply. Kind regards, Odette

Honkbadonk said...
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Honkbadonk said...
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Ryan Tellier said...

Darker Image II? That's my sole reason for wanting this.

I got hooked on the Maxx about 6 months ago and I've found myself hunting Ebay every week for the Ashcans. I could not imagine how irritating signing all of those was for you.

Michael OShea said...

Artist Edition = Hello Nurse! Gonna have to shovel a couple more driveways for this one, but I know it will be worth it! Thank you for keeping the comic book world exciting.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kieth,

Any chance of any convention appearances in the near future? Thanks Sir... love your art man!!!

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