Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Batman sketch, another Tree... and a few Prints.

 a TREE....

yes, another one...

I ran out of ink today,

but i happened across a big-ass bottle of Sumi ink my old friend Leigh Dragoon gave me a few years back,

I dug out the empty Higgins bottle i had... and brilliantly poured the Sumi in into it.

So thankfully, i was able to draw this tree today.

Shows what an action-packed life i have, eh?



Yesterday, i finished that higgens ink on this not-to-shabby batman sketch.... trapped here in a plastic bag. I did for a friend.  Swapping sketch's with each other on is common among artists, obviously it's one those blank comic covers deals.

Now i just have to mail the sucker out to him, before it gets lost in all the usual studio clutter. 



Yuppers, there's still a few prints from Boson. 

You can buy them here, ... but please don't feel obligated, but i just didn't want anyone who couldn't make it out to the Boston show... feeling excluded.  Not shaming the flippers, but it does my heart good to know, most fans who buy it will probably will keep it.

Also MUCH Thanks to all the generous sentiments from various fans expressed too me who wrote in at Chickens email .

If you don't know what i mean, please skimp down to the bottom of my last post, for the email link to the Chickens email link.. or just go to the Chickens site itself.

Take care,
- Sam