Thursday, August 18, 2016

Post Boston comic con stuff... and yet another New Maxx Cover.

Back from Boston, didn't get a chance to take many pics myself, but i'm sure fans will post those online eventually..

Here's the huge banner which hung behind me at the booth..

Here's one book my friend Joseph Melchior managed to take of a fan's cool message to me.

Totally cool.

Hope they don't mind my throwing their message up here..

My apologies to anyone else whom my lateness, and plan delays caused troubles on Friday. If you read here  ... this gives you an idea why my flight never came in.

Overall, I it seems like everyone seemed happy to stop by, and it is so not lost on me how many miles some of you had traveled.  That is why I stayed up all night at the airport to snag the next 7am flight, out of respect for all of you who've made the pilgrimage yourselves.  Feels like I lived a thousand lifetimes during this weekend, so much positive stuff!

Thanks to all of you… I feel totally reinvigorated by all the warm, kind, cool & friendly folks who stopped by to see me.

The were four prints, three done on normal card stock.

And the one on the left, is a New Image, done just for Boston... printed higher quality paper.

Here it is up close...


Here's a Maxx cover on wood of all things.  Pretty neat. 

Albert Moy's brother Devyn did it for me..

Not bad quality either.. considering it's on a block of wood.

One more..

Here's another Maxx cover in progress..

This cover has glued in pieces of hand painted ( by me ) .. glass.

It also has pipe cleaners on it... very sophisticated, eh?  ( not!) 

Yet another panel from a new book that I'm doing with John Layman.

Kinda went crazy with the textures in this one..

too much modeling paste can be a dangerous thing.

Trouble with these covers that have extra 3D elements is getting the detail to show in the scan. Almost easier to take a photo of it.

And second to last, yet another chance to draw an Egret... in said mystery project with Layman. 


Okay, last bit:

In the comment section, (towards the bottom of my last 'buffalo post'), someone wrote about his friend who wasn't able to connect with me at the con. My total sympathies about your friend's troubles in line at Boston. You didn't mention your friend's name, but he can fee free to send a private or personal message to me at this email at Chickens: (

… and Wayshak will forward it along to me.

This also applies to anyone else who may wish to pass along a comment… or share things that they may wish to share privately with me of a more personal nature… instead of having to post them in the  comments section.

Because of my reclusive nature, while i can't promise I will reply to them, but at least whom-ever does writes to me there, can rest assured I their sentiments *will* reach me.

Thanks again, to everyone!
- Sam