Wednesday, October 19, 2011

and here's ..

... the other half of my personality.

gosh, notice those smudges on the left hand side? yikes - me thinks somebody's scanner glass needs cleaning ~ !

- sam 


the danman can said...

Hulk is cool, but I prefer this one. :)

Anonymous said...

awesome!!!+1 trees are weirdly addictive ^_^

Anonymous said...

I agree. I prefer the tree cover. It's everything the hulk cover is not. Peaceful. Balanced.

-Paul (from Canada)

Frank Patriot said...

i love the hulk piece, too...yet there's something about this that keeps me looking at it. i agree with the above post, about it being peaceful and balanced. it's almost...calming to look at. If there was a large print of this to put up on my wall, i'd buy it.or maybe i should try to paint my own, eh?

Sam Kieth said...

Thanks guys - I kinda like it too, in a different way than hulk. Like you guys said, peaceful. balanced. Well put.

Being the neurotic dork I am, i was half worried everyone's maybe supporting the bonsai one because 1: they partly feel sorry for me, or 2: because it's be kinda pathetic if i got no comments at all. : )

But seriously, my neurosis aside... I'm really totally flattered. and I DO know you all mean it.

I'm the only one dumb enough to separate my work into two halves. You guys... see what i couldn't: That BOTH my 'classic' or older super hero stuff, and later 'abstract-maxx-tree-asian' stuff... are part of a greater whole. ( as pretentious as that sounds, don't mean it that way)

Remember those dumb arguments in high school about which bands albums are the best? But isn't any band or artists work just really a collection of songs? Just collected by albums... yet still a larger body of work? Comics or art books feel like that, a big collections of pictures. Blogs too, it all flows together in one bug lump..

Thanks for *reminding* me of that with all your insightful funny posts! You guys/gals are totally humble me with your endless AWESOME support!!!!!!!!!

the danman can said...

Absolutely. Also, A band's, film's, artist's vision/worth should be taken in context.

'Hobo With A Shotgun' could be a 4-star movie, in its genre, but it shouldn't be compared/rated based on a comparison to 'Chinatown' or 'Seven Samurai' or whatever, etc., etc. But we love them (some of us anyway - just one example) for different reasons, but as part of a greater whole, like you said.
Having diverse interests makes us more interesting (without sounding pretentious). Shutting ourselves off from things for this reason or that reason only limits our diversity.

So, the only reason that I think some of us are comparing The Hulk with the bonsai is because they were drawn for the same cover. :)

Frank Patriot said...

Sam, thanks for replying to these comments. We're just 'fans', not people who know you beyond what you reveal in your stories. I feel like the stuff you write in your blogs help us to see you as more than just somebody who draws cool stuff. It sounds like you worry about the same stuff as the rest of us who are creative, which is comforting.

Daniel said...

This is the Best bonsai I've ever seen. :-)

But Hulks is awesome too. hehehe…

Thanks Sam, I found this blog recently and really you keep me pushing to improve my art a lot every-time that I came here and see your stuff.
I miss The Maxx!!!

Thanks for your inspiring work!!!!

cody said...

Great colors.

cody said...

I don't feel sorry for you either

Fernando Valencia said...

Sweet tree!!! I just had Cod Sliders w/ a cabbage fennel slaw & my own home made tartar sauce. It was Deeeeeeelicious!!!!!!!

Frank Patriot said...

Woohoo! I just found a box containing the first issue of MCP 'Blood Hungry', which was the first time I ever saw Sam's art. There were a lot of other comics with Sam's art in there, too, like Aliens Earth War and Hulk 368 (and also my copy of Freak Show signed by Bernie Wrightson). See, my house was destroyed by a tornado back on April 27th, when all those deadly storms came rolling through the South. I thought they had all been destroyed but they somehow survived, and somebody packed them up during construction, it appears. To some, it may not seem like a big deal, but to me, it was a huge huge deal. I'm so happy right now! Woohoo! :-)

Frank Patriot said...

Okay, Sam, maybe this is a weird question or comment or whatever, but one thing that you do really well, that i love looking at, is fabric folds/wrinkles like Cyber's trench coat in the first few pages of 'Blood Hungry' or Mr Gone's out of control cape. Those kinds of things are so hard for me to do without a photo reference. Have you just done those so much, you can do some without photo refs or what? I guess a more general question that has been nagging me to ask is, do you use photo refs at all? Just curious.

ant said...

first let me say, you are a huge inspiration to me, love (almost)everything you do, can't wait for more trout stuff and sketch books, i am an artist my self, and it is my dream to one day work with you on a trout book, or maybe bring the maxx back to life(i wrote a follow up to the series but it needs some work, i'll probably never show anyone),

that out of the way, i was wondering if these covers are for a new book or variant covers for the one that came out earlier this year?

thanks for blogging and sharing so much with us, much appreciated!

Sam_Kieth said...

Wow, a lot to catch up on comment wise! Dan, i'll have to check out Hobo with a shotgun, didn't know it had been expanded from the trailer. Yeah, I agree about low brow verses high brow, be it movies, painting or whatever. Evil Dead 2 all the way to Tales of Ugetsu. (personal fav)

Glad cody digs the colors and doesn't feel sorry for me. : )

Glad those old blood hungry and hulk comic came through tornado okay Frank. So sorry you lost a friggin' house in the processes though!

As for folds... yeah, you can go from photo ref, but I learned mostly from another guy who influenced tons of artists, including Frazetta, George Bridgman.

Here's a monster link to how he broke down folds, from his classic art book..

Everything I DO do on folds i pretty much started with Bridgman who was a master. Hope that helps.

Ant - glad your digging (almost? ) everything you see up here. Far as a follow up story to the maxx, I'd rather do ANYTHING other that particular character again. I don't wanna seem down on it... I'm just into other things now, (for better and worse).. but happy if Maxx rekindles other people's memories, they have the trades to pour through right? Gad zooks, 35 issues is more than enough to satisfy anyone's nostalgia (or patience), right?

Guess I better post something new again or this comments will just keep growing.. and wandering way off topic, huh? : )

Frank Patriot said...

Dude. Big thanks.