Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Painting: "Blossoms, Leather and Cloth"

PODCAST- Sam Kieth sketchbook - EPISODE 123 

Here's a cool podcast with Jason over at 11O'Clock Comics talking about the sketchbooks i did last year ( and other things I've done too ). The whole show's not about my stuff, but there's other cool things they talk about too. But it gives a nice overview of the sketchbooks though.. Kinda worth a listen. 

There's some chatter, but the stuff about me starts around 16:00 minutes in, - and if your out there reading this - thanks for the kind words guys! Sorry i missed it when it came out, but then I was pretty reclusive and hard to reach back then.  

Okay, back to some goofy pictures... 

Here's an interesting idea.  i found an old piece of leather I bought at a yard sale for a few bucks.

I'm sorry I forgot to take more  process pics of this one, i did take a quick pic before and after i 'aged' it and stained it.

Paintings usually spring out so fast if i don't have the camera plugged in and sitting there, I sometimes forget to record it. So after I stained it ochre...

Then i literally carve into the leather a little square 'vase' shape into the middle.

I added some glitter, glue and the leather took watercolor and ink stamp pads and acrylic which worked pretty well on the surface.

A matt fixative will make sure it all stays there too. These photos are a little garish, but it's much subtler in person.. i guess i could have desaturated the pics, but i try not to manipulate the process pics too much.

Friends have told me they like the raw personal feeling of photos of my art at random angles. It seems less sterile than a straight on formal angel, what do you think?

Then I pasted the leather onto one of my sketchbooks. It will be weird if somebody wants to by a piece of art in one of the sketchbooks, i guess they will have to buy the whole book, won't they? I'd hate to break it up, but i can't imagine somebody wanting everything I put in one of these books.

It glued a strip of old fabric to the left border of it, mostly because the leather was too narrow to fit on the sketchbook cover, but i think the color compliments the leather pretty nicely.

..modest aren't i?


Here's something *new* we can try... instead of all the process photos strung together, why not show another way it happens.

Sometimes i don't finish a painting all in one sitting.  In this case i started a light pencil of Dana on a tree stump yesterday, but decided to set it aside for now. Other deadlines call.

I'll come back to it, and do a little on it each day, then post it in little bits, then once it's finished i'll throw up all the process pics together (if anybody wants a reminder)...

..don't worry, it's pretty light now,

but trust me... it'll really come to life once the washes are added.


cody said...

really digging the plant I'm surprised the paint took to the leather like that. One of my favorite things you draw, paint are your tree and plants.

Frank Patriot said...

holy cow. now this is what i've been waiting on. can't wait to see what's next! i feel faint...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you started this blog. I have been a fan for a long time and it's really nice to see your work.

I like the dimensional aspect of the carved leather.

Thanks for sharing some of your art influences and music too. It all sort of explains a little more where you came from.

Frank Patriot said...

yeah, when i was 15 I read that Sam was influenced by Bernie Wrightson and a little bit of Vaughn Bode. I'd never heard of those guys, so I checked them out. Now, I am a fan of them both. I'm gonna check out these other artists that were mentioned as well.

Rev. Brian R. Dixon said...

Hello - I've always liked the "thickness" you carry off with crayon, white-out, modeling paste, gouged leather, etc. I still like the "hero" stuff, but even there, it's that thickness w/which you fill the space around them that grabs me. Still lovin' what you do! Thanks for sharing. "Blossoms, Leather and Cloth" is a gem.

jennifer kraska said...

Always inspirational.....thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for updating your blog so regularly. Always interesting and inspiring. Love the fact that you're having fun with the digital medium of the interwebs, but I'm really looking forward supporting your efforts by purchasing any and all hardcover "art of" and/or creator owned work. Oh and the dynamic angles of the photos do add more a more raw aesthetic, but a straight on shot shows the piece as a whole. I guess what I'm saying is do both!!!!

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