Friday, October 28, 2011

MOTHer Process Pics - Part 2

New Chickens page up today ~ I've added a link to it below 'Yup I'm the comic artists..'... easier to find that way.

...okay boys and girls, where were we?

Oh yeah, .... here.. this weird vintage chick with the eyes that don't match..

Then remember this? I added a big messy glob..

.. of acrylic paint to her hair..

so now let's see about how i'm gonna work it into the rest of it.

i'm kinda feeling my way here.. looking for some texture middle ground between the pasted in pages and the brown paper itself.

The stipple brush helped. and i'm trying to stay with sepia or orange/ocher area ... color wise.

This one above is a little dark, but you get the idea.. Orange to he rescue..

drip some concentrated drops down vertically

Turn the page this way and that, guiding (hopefully) where it drips next..

Slowly... starting to come together a little more.  Maybe add some more black to the edges like i did in the corner there, above?

Yeah, darker seems to be working..

I can't believe i'm saying this, given how garish some of my work is, but this seems a little gaudy looking. Getting a little busy... all over the place with color?

The eye does't know where to find a soft landing does it?

Okay, this may be a great idea... or it'll totally ruin it. But i need to focus attention somehow in such a busy chaotic mess don't i?

Maybe i went too dark here?

Probably, but too late to change it now.  I mean... i *could* work back into it with lighter color.. but the paper's starting to dry and buckle now.. (thats what i get for asking to much of sketchbook paper, eh?)

Oh yeah... now i remember. i was gonna add some random writing to it.. of consciousness stuff.. from the play itself..

True, i do risk making it look even more busy...

but i think.. if i place the text *between* each strip of paper..

...maybe it will pull it all together? more or less?????

gee.. not really sure on this one.  At least it looks better than when i started, eh?  I can't look at it anymore, it's too much of a brain freeze for me..

Meanwhile, i'll let it set it aside to dry... while i think about it. Art always seems different the next time you look at it with fresh eyes.

so there ya go.




Have a cool weekend!


Teyem said...

This is awesome! Thanks for showing your process. How do you digitize your work? Do you scan or take pictures of your paintings?

Sam_Kieth said...

Thanks -

Sometimes scanned, but most are just snapped with a camera as I'm drawing.

cody said...

Looks great. I really like colors and the eyes. The labels from the last post were really cool also. Funny how looking at ones art later even if you like it or hate it when your done sometimes you like it more sometimes you hate it more.

Unknown said...

Sam, you are a true artist. Many people play at art but your art plays. So glad I got back in touch with your art after so many years.

Glad you are still living the art. It inspires me to continue.

Georgia said...

This is absolutely beautiful (and humbling). The subtle images in the orange hues are outstanding. Thank you for showing your progress, the image pulls together so naturally it comes across as effortless--it is really inspiring to see the progress and what goes into each part.

VeganMike said...

I'd love to see MOTHer! Truth be told, I'm at least as into your writing as I am into your art... and I'd love to see something that's purely written by you both because I can pretty much guarantee that I'll be intrigued by it and because I think it'd be interesting to see what your writing is like when your art isn't as prevalent (we see the art without the writing so often, but not the reverse)!

Sam_Kieth said...

Hey gang,

Thanks to Tayem, Cody, Unknown and Georgia for all the cool praise! It's me that's humbled for the chance to work all this stuff out before you guys! Like Cody said, sometimes you loath it, sometimes it's 'not so bad'.. But either way it gets out of our heads... and onto some paper!

VeganMike, really great to hear the kind nods towards my writing. My writing seems strongest when I'm writing from personal experience. This is why I don't think i'm really suited to write super hero stuff... it seems i'm told it's the personal stuff that comes off the best in my efforts to write.

But it's cool as an artists, to get some kind word for that part too - thanks buddy!

okay, weekends almost through - enjoy what's left of it.

- sam

Daniel said...

Sam, I just wanted to show you something I did, I know we are a bit crazy for the Maxx but what can we do... hehehe... hope you like it.

Aaron D said...

Hi Sam,

Your MOther play- least from what ive gathered from yr most up to date blog, sounds like a real portrayal of what people for whom fashion is a pash- .. um interest; would phantasize about. I had a friend in western australia (unfortnately we have lost contact) and she studies the ' symetery between the bio organic and material science' or something? Anyway, she made this living dress from a material that grew a certain fungus, it goes red when its awake and goes brown when its dormant ( the model that wears it for photos has to be wet down and the dress soaked and put on an inch at a time) Anywho, I wonder how you went with your ripped mother piece and wether you added to it some more to it- it is brilliant by the way, mayb its cause its smack bang central but I reckon the daughters little drunk nose is holding the whole thing together. Least in my head it is.

Thanks for being so open with yr art and the process you go though, I am enjoying immensely, all that you put up for us.

Sincerely, Aaron D

Frank Patriot said...

Here's another question for you, Sam. Artistically, your work has heavily influenced mine for a long time, and still does, really. We all have certain artists who influenced us as we were 'developing' the way we draw. But I'm curious if there are any artists currently working in comics today that influence the way you illustrate. I guess what got me thinking about that, is that I was looking in an issue of Batman Confidential (i think) recently and the way you drew the Batmobile reminded me of the way Simon Bizley did it in his Batman/Judge Dredd painted comic many moons ago and I wanted to ask. I know sometimes, artists will do things as a 'nod' to other artist's work, but it got me thinking. just curious.

Sam_Kieth said...

Aaron D, thanks for the thoughts on the MOTHer project. Loved your description of your friends living dress too... course anything moss or fungi gets a thumbs up from me, but yeah.... or organic stuff rules!

Frank P, funny you should mention the Batmobile in confidential... yeah, i always likes Simon's Batmobile best... but i think i was more overtly influenced by his in the secrets series even more so than Bats confidential. Far as artists out there who influence me, sadly i so rarely pick up comics anymore. I love what i stumble across online though by chance.

There's just so many great artists, you'll always find someone better at some aspect. it can be inspiring or depressing, depending on your mood.

But yeah, too many to mention. All the 'usual guys' you'd think.. all the ones we all bring up a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi sam, thanks for your reply- since I am a cronic internet hound..

This is her! Donna. And you can see one tiny pic of the dress, I haven't seen it 'awake' in real life before, but I think you will agree it is a pretty amazing piece of mushroom.

May lavishly desheveled (spelling) greatness moonsoon yr end of seven day cycle..

Aaron D :)