Friday, October 28, 2011

MOTHer Process Pics - Part 2

New Chickens page up today ~ I've added a link to it below 'Yup I'm the comic artists..'... easier to find that way.

...okay boys and girls, where were we?

Oh yeah, .... here.. this weird vintage chick with the eyes that don't match..

Then remember this? I added a big messy glob..

.. of acrylic paint to her hair..

so now let's see about how i'm gonna work it into the rest of it.

i'm kinda feeling my way here.. looking for some texture middle ground between the pasted in pages and the brown paper itself.

The stipple brush helped. and i'm trying to stay with sepia or orange/ocher area ... color wise.

This one above is a little dark, but you get the idea.. Orange to he rescue..

drip some concentrated drops down vertically

Turn the page this way and that, guiding (hopefully) where it drips next..

Slowly... starting to come together a little more.  Maybe add some more black to the edges like i did in the corner there, above?

Yeah, darker seems to be working..

I can't believe i'm saying this, given how garish some of my work is, but this seems a little gaudy looking. Getting a little busy... all over the place with color?

The eye does't know where to find a soft landing does it?

Okay, this may be a great idea... or it'll totally ruin it. But i need to focus attention somehow in such a busy chaotic mess don't i?

Maybe i went too dark here?

Probably, but too late to change it now.  I mean... i *could* work back into it with lighter color.. but the paper's starting to dry and buckle now.. (thats what i get for asking to much of sketchbook paper, eh?)

Oh yeah... now i remember. i was gonna add some random writing to it.. of consciousness stuff.. from the play itself..

True, i do risk making it look even more busy...

but i think.. if i place the text *between* each strip of paper..

...maybe it will pull it all together? more or less?????

gee.. not really sure on this one.  At least it looks better than when i started, eh?  I can't look at it anymore, it's too much of a brain freeze for me..

Meanwhile, i'll let it set it aside to dry... while i think about it. Art always seems different the next time you look at it with fresh eyes.

so there ya go.




Have a cool weekend!