Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hulk Cover for Heroes Charity

Here's a mid-week speedy little one, since late on *everything* this week.. I decided to time myself to see how fast i could whip out this cover ...

Remember the deal with these is you draw on a small comic with a blank cover, so you've only got one shot (unless they throw two books in the package!)

Nothing like a blank cover to intimidate, eh?

Just jump in and don't thin bout it..

It's easier once you get rolling. Keep it lose, don't give to much to the pencils, try to throw the life into the inks and colors instead...

...that's what i'm telling myself. I tried one of those pen/brushes... but the blacks tend to fade a little. Were 30 seconds in so far.

so I'm switching to a regular brush now, a cheap-o grab bag of brushes. I used to use expensive red sables watercolor brushes, but india inks just east right through them.

I still use nice watercolors brushes for... watercolors though.

The brush is losing ink, so time to switch to black watercolor pencils to ad some washes...

Added some pen lines to his arm... but still a little rough. Those little lines'll get lose in the color anyhoo. Best save any detail till *after* it's colored.. otherwise i'll just doing it all twice.

I'm too cheap to use friskets so I use note pads for a mask on the art, i've done this before. Looks tacky as hell since my note pads are a rainbow of colors,

...but it's fast and easy.

I'd normally paint in acrylics, but they tend to buckle cover stock, water color doesn't soak in well either, so I'll use either sparingly. Right now a light tough of a stamp pad to dab down color's my best bet.

Better now, getting there.. what time is it? crap - 12 minutes in.

I gotta stop letting snapping pics slow me down. Just gotta add sine sandy marker to the olive green on his arms and knee.. add some greed around the edges too. a little hair on his back.

..few Acrylic high-lights on his lip, arm, knee.. hurry hurry...

So that's IT- 13 minutes flat - and finished. Warts and all!

The last pics the scanned image - I made it a little higher rez so if you click it again, you can make out some extra detail on it, (or what passes for detail on something so small.)

Okay, hope it helps somebody in need out, and hope you guys like it too!

- sam


Casey Crowe said...

Awesome! This is amazing (and in 13 minutes, yowza!). I really dig the texture you achieved on the hair and, again, love these process posts. Utterly fascinating. Thanks Sam!!

Dan said...

First off, I have to get the fanboy stuff out of the way. I've been a fan of your stuff, Sam, since I first read the Maxx when I was 10 or 11...I didn't really "get it" back then, but I thought it looked really cool so I ate up everything I could find of yours. I've come to appreciate your stories and genuinely enjoy your work as a creator, not just an artist. You've always been my favorite comic artist, and as I got older you became one of my favorite artists in general. I guess I'm just trying to say thanks for doing what you do and keep on keeping on.

I just finished reading through all of your blog posts as I recently discovered this lovely site and have enjoyed them thoroughly, I now want to simply draw again. Your post on drawing real women reminded me of an article I saw was in French Elle that focused on plus sized models. The photos are just beautiful and personally they appeal to me a great deal more than what our society's generic image of beauty has become. Here's a link if you're interested:

It's nice to see some mainstream outlets giving some attention outside the norm. I've always appreciated your renditions of women, not always going to the "Barbie" standard.

Anyways, this is long, I'll try to keep my comments relevant to the post at hand from here on out...maybe. Hulk looks awesome! I can't believe that was just 13 min.! Love the details You truly do blow my mind Sam...Ever thought about taking video for these fast process pieces? I'd certainly watch it. Just a thought. Thanks again for the awesome blog

champloo said...

Great, i've just returned to try to learn to paint by hand; i used to examine the techniques in the maxx comics and in the covers of the Ryusuke Mita comics (japanese author that no one knows) a few years ago and try to reproduce them, but i stopped for some reason. Thanks for sharing this, sam!!

Megan Rose said...

13 minutes?! While also stopping to take pictures? How do you work so fast? I'm always trying to find ways of working faster so I can get more done.

Frank Patriot said...

wow, this is awesome. these 'technique' posts are getting better and better. i cant imagine how much practice you have with this to be able to pump out a rad piece in 13 minutes. does that include bathroom breaks too? wait. don't answer that. i just got my watercolor pencils in the mail. bout to bust them suckers out.

Frank Patriot said...

Yep. started messing around with some stuff in my sketchbook that i'd already laid out in ink. Throwing down some Prismacolor pencils, markers, those watercolor pencils, a little acrylic here, a little Dr Martins dye's there. Dude, seriously, thanks very much for exposing some new ways to draw cool stuff that i've never thought of. i really appreciate it, as do most of us artsy fartsy types who love to read these posts.

Sam_Kieth said...

Hey gang, Glad the Hulk hit the spot. On second thought i'm not sure i should be bragging about how fast it went, sometimes taking longer *can* produce better art..

But as we all know, comic deadlines aren't about not how good you are, but how good you are under the gun. Plus I just happened to thrive on the adrenaline rush of working fast!

Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes it sucks. I used to be afraid to show all the misses and bumpy mistakes, but people see those flaws anyhoo, so why not just throw it all out there? Own up to the boo-boos.

Thanks Casey! If anyone's interested, the Bonsai one too about the same time... maybe 15 minutes.

Dan, never sweat the 'fan stuff', I feel the same way about other artists i grew up checked out growing up. Hearing how somebody felt, or what they were going through when they picked up something i drew, helps me relate to how art can effect people... sometimes in a really profound way, even though we've never meet in person. Weird, but wonderful!

Loved the French Elle link too and plus models! it's cool to see all sorts of comics when they reflect everyone's NOT looking just the same. Not trying to be all P.C. about it, just dig different types of comic characters ... because there's also a crap load of diverse real life folks out there too!

Hey Champloo, I admit i've never heard of Ryusuke Mita either, but I'll check him out! so many tons of fantastic artists out there to discover... !!! Every time another name is passed along i feel like a kid getting a new piece of candy!

Thanks Megan: how do i snap the pics at the same time i draw? I switch it up, whichever hand is drawing, the other one gets the camera, and i managed to use my thumb to snap the button. Which is why a lot of the pics are at skewed goofy angles, which most people seem to be cool with.

Frank: terrific to see you throwing yourself into all the tools, i hate artists i respect who say casually 'anyone can do this', but regardless of *how* i do what i do, anyone CAN use tons of different tools to experiment with!

As a kid, even though my dad used to paint with oil paint and i grew up around them, I was VERY intimidated by oils! In my teens, i felt ashamed of using watercolor and acrylic, like they were poor man's version of oil pants. But there's no shame now days... anything anyone can make a line with, cut up a collage, use fabric over, scrawl in marker into, or use to throw down color with,

whatever tools WORKS for you... GO for it.

milo said...

Thanks, for letting us into your world Mr. Kieth. I'm not an artist just a huge fan of your work and this is all very interesting. It's great seeing how everything comes together! I am very excited for everything you have coming up. Thanks for everything.

Sam_Kieth said...

Hey Milo, artists or not, still cool to have you around buddy ~ enjoy! : )

cody said...

whaaat, rad. fatastic charity too.

Peter Hamilton said...

Hi Mr Keith, or can I call you Sam?

Have been a fan of your work since I first saw your artwork in a What If! comic and collected your comics ever since.

Until I lost all y comics in a fire about 13 years ago and had to stop reading comics due to a broken heart.

Just stumbled into your blog and instantly got that feeling in my belly I remember from back then.

Your artwork is incredible and your imaginary world is one of the richest and unique places I have ever visited.

Is there any chance of the Isz making their appearance anywhere?

Anyway I will be watching your every move through the little hole in my wall.

Peter Hamilton, a fan.

Mercurialblonde said...

Ooo thank you for this. The post-it note masking is such a smart idea. I also like to work fast, for the same reasons you mentioned, though I'm not nearly as good yet.

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