Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hulk Cover for Heroes Charity

Here's a mid-week speedy little one, since late on *everything* this week.. I decided to time myself to see how fast i could whip out this cover ...

Remember the deal with these is you draw on a small comic with a blank cover, so you've only got one shot (unless they throw two books in the package!)

Nothing like a blank cover to intimidate, eh?

Just jump in and don't thin bout it..

It's easier once you get rolling. Keep it lose, don't give to much to the pencils, try to throw the life into the inks and colors instead...

...that's what i'm telling myself. I tried one of those pen/brushes... but the blacks tend to fade a little. Were 30 seconds in so far.

so I'm switching to a regular brush now, a cheap-o grab bag of brushes. I used to use expensive red sables watercolor brushes, but india inks just east right through them.

I still use nice watercolors brushes for... watercolors though.

The brush is losing ink, so time to switch to black watercolor pencils to ad some washes...

Added some pen lines to his arm... but still a little rough. Those little lines'll get lose in the color anyhoo. Best save any detail till *after* it's colored.. otherwise i'll just doing it all twice.

I'm too cheap to use friskets so I use note pads for a mask on the art, i've done this before. Looks tacky as hell since my note pads are a rainbow of colors,

...but it's fast and easy.

I'd normally paint in acrylics, but they tend to buckle cover stock, water color doesn't soak in well either, so I'll use either sparingly. Right now a light tough of a stamp pad to dab down color's my best bet.

Better now, getting there.. what time is it? crap - 12 minutes in.

I gotta stop letting snapping pics slow me down. Just gotta add sine sandy marker to the olive green on his arms and knee.. add some greed around the edges too. a little hair on his back.

..few Acrylic high-lights on his lip, arm, knee.. hurry hurry...

So that's IT- 13 minutes flat - and finished. Warts and all!

The last pics the scanned image - I made it a little higher rez so if you click it again, you can make out some extra detail on it, (or what passes for detail on something so small.)

Okay, hope it helps somebody in need out, and hope you guys like it too!

- sam