Friday, December 30, 2011

Floundering attempts...

Okay, i fibbed.  Apparently my rut wasn't quite over... or maybe i just hoped it was. over.

This was a devil of a week for me for some reason. I tried dozens of paintings since my last post and destroyed or ripped up nearly all of them in frustration.

Like is said before i was determined to.. well, if not draw something new,

Then, . . . *this* finally came out totally by surprise.. a few hours ago..

it's a relief in a way.. i was hoping for at least ONE painting...

..that was relatively 'Minimal' by comparison to my usual crap. spare. understated.

..or at least bloody SIMPLE.. not quite so .. overworked?

I think this is what the other fashion ones i did last post were trying for, but failed at.

So, i breathed a sigh of relief...

THEN, weird enough... after i left my guard down..

another one popped on the next page, almost by accident.

i was just doodling a nod to an Rene Gruau illustration i always liked. Here it is, and i inspired by how rough and impressionistic the woman's white gloves were rendered.

i wanted to do my own funky version of something that rough..

sorta like i savagely attacked the paper with a hatchet..

(...or in my case, an x-acto knife..)  : )

Now these may not strike you guys as any better, or worse than the other 5 fashion ones i did before, and they may not be. But inside, something feels different here... less repetitive ... course, i know it does look like me, i give up on trying to look different than i how i look, but still.. just trying to reach for something... something ELSE... you know?

Real Life looms as usual: still have a ton of other comic book work to catch up on, but you know how it's almost a relief when your purged from being... (at the risk of seeming pretentious) ... so... creatively *blocked*????

It's not like i'm thinking what i did is so great here, it's more like passing really painful 'creative gall stone'.

just a blessed relief.  anyway, sorry for the 'blockage this week. : )

try to have a stress-free weekend everybody.