Friday, December 30, 2011

Floundering attempts...

Okay, i fibbed.  Apparently my rut wasn't quite over... or maybe i just hoped it was. over.

This was a devil of a week for me for some reason. I tried dozens of paintings since my last post and destroyed or ripped up nearly all of them in frustration.

Like is said before i was determined to.. well, if not draw something new,

Then, . . . *this* finally came out totally by surprise.. a few hours ago..

it's a relief in a way.. i was hoping for at least ONE painting...

..that was relatively 'Minimal' by comparison to my usual crap. spare. understated.

..or at least bloody SIMPLE.. not quite so .. overworked?

I think this is what the other fashion ones i did last post were trying for, but failed at.

So, i breathed a sigh of relief...

THEN, weird enough... after i left my guard down..

another one popped on the next page, almost by accident.

i was just doodling a nod to an Rene Gruau illustration i always liked. Here it is, and i inspired by how rough and impressionistic the woman's white gloves were rendered.

i wanted to do my own funky version of something that rough..

sorta like i savagely attacked the paper with a hatchet..

(...or in my case, an x-acto knife..)  : )

Now these may not strike you guys as any better, or worse than the other 5 fashion ones i did before, and they may not be. But inside, something feels different here... less repetitive ... course, i know it does look like me, i give up on trying to look different than i how i look, but still.. just trying to reach for something... something ELSE... you know?

Real Life looms as usual: still have a ton of other comic book work to catch up on, but you know how it's almost a relief when your purged from being... (at the risk of seeming pretentious) ... so... creatively *blocked*????

It's not like i'm thinking what i did is so great here, it's more like passing really painful 'creative gall stone'.

just a blessed relief.  anyway, sorry for the 'blockage this week. : )

try to have a stress-free weekend everybody.


cody said...

Awesome. I don't know how many drawing, paintings I have ruined and destroyed trying to work on while in a rut then bad mood. I'm glad its not just me. Does that paper hold up better than most, it doesn't appear to be warping or anything with all the different stuff you put on it. Have a great new years eve and keep your head up.

Frank Patriot said...

I bought a brown paper sketchbook after seeing how well colors 'popped' on some of your sketches, Sam. I really liked the white gloves piece.

NWilson said...

Great pieces!
The nature of the woman with the white gloves reminds me of
Edgar Degas - Woman at a Window.
They're not very similar, but something about it..........
In any case, it appears as though you've had a successful departure from the "rut".
Inspiring stuff.

jlosacco said...

I think you rut is over. The woman in the white gloves is wonderful. It strays somewhat but not too far from you "style" which is fantastic.

Love it.

jennifer kraska said...

Hey Sam, that looks llike a pretty big sketchbook ya got there.....did you make it?

Congrats on digging out of your rut, good way to start the new year. The girl with white gloves is simply stunning! Reminds me that I need to dive into this texture thing and not be so timid.

Be well - Jenn

Georgia said...


Marcus Collar said...

AMAZING the gloves make we want to see a Kieth MUMMY!

but since comments aren't orders... but if they are side of fries and a Mummy please TO GO!

(joking you rock)

Aaron Desira said...

Or mummies forming themselves from the clothes of one of sams MOtheR project dresses. Good call Marcus

Matthew said...

Hello Sam,
Just joined the blog. I am a LONG time fan and collector of your work. You are the most unique comic artist I have come across. Other artists you will see other people who can do the same stuff but you there has been no imitators. Absolutely sick talent. I saw on one of your earlier posts a picture of one of my fav covers you did on Mcp#101 with wolvie and nightcrawler. I was wondering if you could hit me back letting me know if you would consider selling this gem to me. I can be reached at
yosemitesam46 @
Either way keep up the great work and so happy I stumbled upon your blog
Matthew Ellis

bryan said...

Glad to see your out of your rut, Sam! You should definitely do a Mummy! But if you do a mummy, you're gonna have to follow it up with a Frankenstein or Phantom of the Opera. Or just the Mummy. I don't think anyone would be upset with just the mummy.

Zoot said...

My girlfriend got me all 5 issues of "Four Women" & the Sketchbook vol. 2 (I already had vol. 1) for Christmas!

Marcus Collar said...

here is a Robo-mummy I did back in 2003 Kieth inspired pencil work, I recently used it for a threadless shirt.

Timothy said...

Ahoy there, Sam!

How are you doing? I hope it is ok if I compose this message to you in a comment box =)

My name is Timothy Connolly, and I am the editor-in-chief at The Hourly Planet; a webzine based in New York.

The Hourly Planet would very much like to conduct an interview with you, to be published online at our site.

Would that be ok? And if so, may I email you our questions? You can reply to me with your written answers by email. We might have some additional questions too, in response to your first wave of answers. It'll be fun, I promise. It won't be the standard run-of-the-mill questions.

We look forward to hearing from you. And should you ever have the desire to write a rant, or a review, our door is always open for you. We'd be delighted to publish any such articles.

Thanks very much for your time today! Happy new year!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Timothy Connolly
The Hourly Planet, editor in chief
Comicbook Genius, founder
"Clap those hands, people!"


Marcus Collar said...

it's crazy what Mr. Kieth said about "letting his guard down" that's EXACTLY what a "block" feels like eventually. You just fight yourself intentionally or not.

I really appreciate this big and check it daily

much respect,

Sam_Kieth said...

Okay, we have a tons of these comments so i'll definitely to get to them all!

Cody, yeah, foul moods usually equals disappointing art. I hear ya man, same with me! Far as how the art book pages hold up? They do 'okay' with watercolor , IF you avoid big areas of washes. Acrylic doesn't tend to buckle it much, unless you water it down or a retardant.

When I do something with many layers, I jump to illustration board with a thick backing.

Franks another convert of the brown sketchbooks. I'm a sucker for just the restful shade of brown by itself, minus the art.

NWilson - Yeah, i love Degas' Woman at a Window. I see what you mean about the white sleeves on her dress.. but otherwise, Degas, like tons of others, kicks my ass!

Jlosacco, Yeah, seems I've escaped my creative rut (for now! )

Hey Jennifer, no, i wish i had hand-made my sketchbook. Just bought it. Funny how much everyone loves the white glove one, my fav was the face on the left, but i like them both for different reasons. The glove one is more dramatic.

i NEVER find your stuff timid Jen, your nature wildlife watercolors are awesome!

Thanks Georgia - glad your dug it!

Marcus, Yes sir - one mummy to go - sorry, don't encourage me to make bad jokes, i'm a sucker for those... now looks like Aaron's starting too! : )

Hey Matthew,

Thanks for the cool comments. It's never lost on me when anyone takes the time to check what i do out. Seems like one of the cool things online is, everyone feeds off each other's efforts, be it a semi-well known artists or lesser known one, everyone has a voice!

Far as selling covers, thanks for asking about PCM 101, but I usually don't sell much anymore, especially the few MPC covers i have left. Last year someone purchased some covers for a LOT, but it will be probably ten years before i even think of getting rid of the ones i have left.

Btw, in case your curious, the ones fans usually like aren't the ones that are my favorites. Fans usually choose: 85, 92, 100.

But MY TOP 5 MPC covers are 86, 90, 95, 101, 104. I wanna keep these just because i actually have affection for that time in my life I did them, much as the artwork itself. But overall, other than 101 and 104, they're ALL too overworked for my taste now days.

Bryan: more mummy Jokes? Can't get that captain Beefheart song out of my head now: "when i see my mommy i feel like a mummy" youtube it. it's kinda cool.

Zoot: Cool your girlfriend has such good taste! (kidding!)

Marcus, Robo mummy ROCKS - Btw, i like your stuff, you have this quirky style that really works with the characters you do. Sweet man!

Thanks for the interview over Tim, maybe later buddy.

Marcus, - - this guy again? : ) Really though, dude, don't check the blog every day! Makes me feel guilty! Well, i usually manage once a week, sometimes two. Maybe you guys all checking HELPS push me to throw more stuff up, eh?

okay, i take it back: keep CHECKING... the more I can feel you out there, the more creatively jazzed i get, and the more i DRAW.. which makes YOU guys draw too, It's all good.

Thanks a bunch everyone - really!


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