Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mars Cover ... FINALLY!

Remember this little guy?  Bet you thought I'd forgotten about him, didn't you? Almost did. That's why editors exists. To bug freelancers for stuff lying around their moldy studios..

Well...  since i'm a little rushed on deadlines, so i'll let the photos do the 'talking' this time.

I'll be my usual annoyingly talky self next post, which will be thursday or Friday.

Here's the tweaked version in photoshop on the LEFT, (which is mostly levels boosted and blacks on the sides.) I sorta like the dreamy quality of the original on the RIGHT, but of course for the cover, the publisher will want it 'extreme', and this also fits in the tongue in cheek style of Mars Attacks anyways. 

Which one do you guys like better? 

Okay,  another pice os bristol board.. defaces. It seems one more tree must parish... all for my twisted little way of making a living.

- sam 


Shepherd said...

Hrm, I like the variety and shades in the original. But I can see the modified version as a cover and has it's own impact. I will go with the touched up version as a cover and still prefer the detail of the original for everything else (mounting, posters, t-shirts...). These days I am noticing a fondness for bits of chaos and random elements in my own work. Mostly as the structure of things becomes autonomic- if that makes sense.

Lucas Irineu said...

That looks wonderful. Been waiting to see this finished. (:

Sampedreñosfc said...

Hi Sam!, love the piece!!
Q> will you keep doing chickensrevolt?

cody said...

Turned out awesome always loved that movie, I tried to draw the martian for an art project in high school gave up when I got to his brain.

cody said...

I like the original better, but the left looks more like acover because the color pop it would get more attention at the shop.

Sam Kieth said...

Yeah, Sheperd and cody, i agree with both about the two versions. Also art always prints a little duller than the original. That's why i lean towards leaving the art as un-touched as possible in future art books.

Far as more Chickens updates, because more of my focus is on my creator owned stuff, I think it will evolve into Jon and I jamming on paintings, rather than a panel to panel traditional story. We're still trading paintings to finish, so that part is still alive.

But this idea.. (less traditional panel to panel comics, and more bunches of paintings mixed in with text).. is something i really wanna try next.

Like cody once said... there's gotta be some way of telling a story with mostly sketchbook images and/or paintings, then words flowing between, and 'around' the images. Not avoiding panels and balloons specifically, but some text-picture combo that makes sense for *that* story.

i hope i can pull it off... if I'm careful and disciplined.

Jon and I just wanted to have fun on Chickens, which we have and did... even if we eventually burned out. It's not dead yet, it's just morphing into.... something else. Maybe something better?

Well see.

PiZLe said...

Hey Sam,
I've been looking for your website for years now (always ended up on some broken outdated site) but the other day I was lucky enough to stumble on this blog and to my elation; its packed with your awesome work!! Don't wanna gush, but in summation, you're whimsical work (from The Maxx to Dr.Strange/ghost-rider/Dredd/etc) has kept me inspired and happily drawing since the early '90s ... just wanted to say thanks.

To comment on the Mars Attacks piece, the detail and color on the face is really beautiful, but the piece seems a little light/empty (that could change depending on surrounding captions/text the editor adds)... Now try to imagine that great maniacle face with a pair of skinny pale fingered hands reaching toward the viewer (palm out, fingers slightly curled, small portion of wrist visible fading into the background) eh? Whatcha think?

Alex Crowley said...

Would you say Bristol board is better for mixed art than say mixed media paper?

Sam kieth said...

PiZLe, would have been nice to add a fingers to the cover, but it was already late, so it's already off to the printer!

One of good/bad thing about comics, is it's not how good a job you do, but how good given the narrow deadline window they give you. But yeah, lots of little tweaks i can think of now too, course now that it's too late!

Alex, far as Bristol for mixed media... it's 'okay', but even this cover started to buckle after the watercolor i washed over his brains. Safer bet is an illustration board, but that's more costly too. I'm lazy and have lost of bristol lying around the studio is all.

Hope that helps.

juvinwo said...

Beautiful Sam!! Can't wait to buy it!

adrian from Poland :P said...

Hey, it's great!! But what comic company's gonna release this cover? IDW???? Dark Horse???? I guess it's variant cover, if Yes it will be quite expensive :(

adrian from Poland :P said...

"The first issue will ship with 55 different covers (!), each depicting one of the original trading cards from the 1962 debut set of "Mars Attacks". "

Is this some kind of joke??? 55 covers???? :)

Sam Kieth said...

Seriously Adrian? 55 covers???? No WAY i'm asking anyone to buy that many comics - instead, heck... just LOOK at the free image on my blog!

Wow, that has to be a record for the most variant covers i've ever heard of - have to call the IDW editor and see if their serious. wow.

Thanks for the loyalty gang, but it's no biggie, just a cover. : ) If your gonna buy something i do, save your bucks for one of my painted books, or a mini series i draw.

mosheh said...

I would have to go against the mainstream on this one :). I like shopped version better.

It gives the picture more sense of light, seriously. I miss those brush strokes, though.

Either way, amazing :)

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JMAN said...


Aaron Desira said...

Wicked sam,

I love the shapes you did in the coils of its brain. I like the photoshop one i agree with what you said about mars attacks having to be bit lifeless with a photoshop filter. I think its eyes are what make the mars attacks alien so offbeat, unpredictable ( as to when they are going to vaporise you) and photo shop makes them pop more then in the original.

You seem to think you are complacent but DAmn you are fast when you mars attack a deadline :P

bah bow

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, Sam, your cover will not be one of the 55-- I believe yours is being used for a subsequent issue with a 50/50 ratio alongside artist John McCrea's regular cover. The 55 covers for #1 will be each one of the original 55 cards from 1962.

Sam Kieth said...

Oh, okay.

That's better than 55 seperate covers. heck.. i'm easily confused by MOST things in life.

thanks for clearing up the 55 issue man!

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