Saturday, May 19, 2012

Peeks at Sketchbook stuff

Some odds and end this time..

a few quick snaps of some random things that'll probably throw in some of the art books.

sometimes, it's more fun catching a glimpse of something rather than seeing the whole thing.

Seeing the whole picture is sometimes cool too,

so these books should have a little of both, don't you think? brief 'glimpses' and 'full money' shots.

This girl with the rocks always looks like a moebius drawing to me.

Maybe because the rocks are floating? Dunno. Crude little scribbles mixed in with more detailed stuff. Trying to leave some unfinished stuff too.

My favorite art books are ones that show the flaws, mistakes and thought process, half finished pencils, random sketches..

Didn't get to it in the comments but i wanted to thank everyone for their sharing the cool wacky stuff they used in their art, esp. some wonderfully diverse stuff both Christina and Aaron and Cody mentioned.

Thanks to everyone else too. Good to know i'm not alone in this collecting 'weirdness'. : )

I am thinking instead of a volume 1-3, maybe each book should have a theme?

Book One: rust metal stuff (like the magic boxes), legs and other mechanical or weird creature sorta things...

Book Two: is mostly trees, moss, asian women, and has a subtle old world feel? Also the fashion stuff could go in here too.

Book Three could be Pink furry anima craft sorta girl crap, collages 60's retro stuff and

That one way to go, that way if your into a certain subject that book is one you could be sure and pick up.

Or maybe ANOTHER way is put a little of each in every book? More diverse that way, what do you all think? i can't decide myself. I just don't want people feeling obligated to by all three, but it might get boring if each book is ONLY a certain theme?

I dunno. There's still time to play with it. But the cool part of a blog is you guys ( i mean girls too when i say 'guys') can throw me some feedback, (like the preferring 'sooner-than-later' release date idea.

In a way i feel less like i am creating these trout ads and more like somebody who does restorations.

The quality of an old fashioned at is an art form itself, and my wonky versions will never be slick or professional, they're not supposed to be.

I like that hand made feeling Trout ads have... as opposed to the Chris Ware slicker approach. Nothing agist Chris, i LOVE his stuff. Just explaining why sometimes there's an amateurish hand-drawn feeling to them.

I pasted these down from some re-created adds i copied by hand. Then burnished them to the surface, that's why they've got that wrinkled texture to them.

It might not be visible if i didn't get in here with a tight photo of it..

Weird the kooky things i obsess over.



Feels good i'm not alone in that.


cody said...

Yesss, so psyched. I'm gonna get all of them, but I think you would reach more people if you mix it up plus sell more, this group of drawings are so great especially the first Nola and the last one guy / girl face.

jennifer kraska said...

Yeah, I also get lost in textures too.

Unknown said...

If it were up to me, I'd rather see a wide range of art per volume instead of a specific theme for each. Specially since you have such a wide range of art that covers a lot of ground. If having a theme helps you figure out what art to put in which volume however, then maybe you could break each volume into a couple of themes to explore? That would still give you the focus while still maintaining variety.

Also, count my vote for the "sooner than later" in regards to release date.

Awesome stuff as always Sam!


jlosacco said...

I think splitting them up into themes might actually be a good idea. A way to reach new people. Some people might just really like your trees and others just the rust.

So they might just pick up the theme that they really enjoy.

Personally, I'm getting all three, I can't wait!

Aaron Desira said...

Arr Sam yr too kind haha. I love this last one in the post of the melting watery mans face and the girl. Would love to see what you make of an underwater coral scene with mollusks and all those transparent wobbly things that exist down there that look like they shouldnt be able to. Going to be trying to go four ways with my bro and sisters in one of your commissions if they arent all snapped up already. thanks for another top post

juvinwo said...

GONNA BUY THEM ALL!!!! Can't wait!!! You should mix it up in each one. No one will feel "obligated" to buy them. They will be beautiful and worth having. not o mention all your fans will definitely buy them all. I cannot wait Sam. What a beautiful collection they will be!

cody said...
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cody said...

your hilarious sam i finally was able to read what it cures diahrea disorders. you should make stickers and put them up all over, they look real you might get some people at the pharmacy asking for it.

ant said...

nice pics, i noticed all the girls have "lazy hands", my sketch books look the same, i dont fully draw hands unless i really need to...

James said...

I like the themed idea myself but have to say that im a sucker for that kind of thing. Either way, Im buying all three! Also, since this is the first time Ive posted here, just wanted to say that not only are you my favorite comic book artist of all time you have hands down the best blog that I follow. Thanks for sharing so much and being so interactive with your readers. Its freakin awesome.

Christina Bryant said...

As has already been said, the last picture of the face melting into the woman is gorgeous.

I think thematically organizing the volumes would add something. Your work is so diverse that having some cohesion might be a nice way to settle into a sketchbook. Also, as we're seeing in this blog, there are running motifs in your work that you have interpreted in various ways over the years,and grouping those motifs together could be a nice way to experience that history. (For example I love seeing the progression of abnormally large feet in your work.) Also, if a casual fan or artist is just looking for creature inspiration, they could go to that one volume as reference, or if a fan specifically enjoys your 60s retro stuff, they could just invest in that one piece. Like this blog, how you group each theme in each volume could add some context and a peek into your process.

Either way, I will most likely be buying all three. :D

theend43 said...

while i like the 'theme' idea, i'm also a chronological sort so i go either way. i like to watch the 'evolution' in terms of time vs style that seem to come out in artists. but that's me and that's how i look at stuff, so ya know...
VERY cool texture-y stuff, man! i've always dug that aspect of yr art. getting lost in the details of the texture (organic vs inorganic/soft vs hard/etc) is part of the fun, for me.
and yes! keep up the interaction!!! i wondered where you went for quite some time and now yr all 'guns a'blazin' and 4-on-the-floor which is amazingly awesome to see again!!!!! i feel like i miss something when i see you posted and didn't see it before it gets pushed to the next page :) flipside- i love that i'm playing 'catch-up' with yr work!!!!! thanks again, Sam!!!!!!!

Arjan said...

Boy, that's a tough one! Part of me would like to see the art bundled per subject, but like someone else also commented, seeing the evolution in your artwork is also something I would really like to see. Do you have any idea how you will present the art pages? Will it be just art and no text or will you put short info texts and for instance the date you creted each drawing? If so than I think I will go for the themed books. I will be buying each of these books anyway!

Adam Messinger the Millionth said...

Hi Sam! I'll be stoked to pick these up, theme or no theme! I really enjoyed your last two sketchbooks. I saw Steve Oliff this past weekend at Big Wow Comics Fest and he said the Maxx was his favorite comic series to color. He was surprised to hear about your blog, so I encouraged him to leave a comment. Speaking of conventions, Mike Millerick from University of the Pacific is setting up a one day comic convention in Stockton. It's called Stockton-Con. Your old friend, Frank Stone, inked and lettered my very first comic. We'll be there promoting that. It would be awesome if you were able to come by. Just a thought. Either way, nothing will change how much I enjoy your work and your postings. Thanks a ton! - Adam Messinger

Evolution Sucks said...

Hey sam, I recently have been reading your blog because I always try to see what other artists techniques are. Surprisingly enough, not a lot of them actually show their process. You , however, stray from that and show your process which helps us amateur artists see what we can try. I just wanted to say thank you. Now all you have to do is stop being a hermit, and you will get a double thanks. ;)

Spongg (Frank Plein) said...

This is so amazing. There are so few really authentic, distinct voices around. You'll never know how much of a difference your work makes.

Roberto Zanzi said...

Mr. Kieth,

Your world is so diverse and ever changing, that while themed books make sense in one way, I like the chronological idea being discussed. It would allow readers to view the progression or your art style and themes instead of pigeonholing them. Either way, as I am sure everyone else here is, I will be pursuing all volumes. Keep up the fantastic work and thanks for letting your fans have a glimpse into your wonderful world.

the Acosta Foundation said...

Like many of your fans, Im interested in your personal works. Im interested in some of your bigger pieces. Even stuff you want to burn. Im more of a fan of the process. Works that are not completely finished. I find that they say more then a finished work. I was checking out the textured blog and thought "Why haven't I tryed this?" I use dirt and leaves and bark, but rocks? I do water and ink combos. Im one of the lucky few to have met you years ago. Its funny how style changes as the years grow old. I was so much into death, that I never opened up to color until last year. The possibilities are endless. I find your work very intimate and feel a need to create. Thank you for your work and the stuff you do share. Let me know if I can find away to get your scraps. I would even trade work if you're into other peoples work. Im not famous and most of my work is poster bills for local bands. Thank you for your time and ear. Dan.

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