Saturday, May 5, 2012

Unpublished story: Falada

This one's about Horses, Art books and half-formed ideas. Before we begin, check out these horses a woman made out of clothing... 

Pretty cool eh? Nothing to do with me, it just inspired me to see fabric used as an unusual way. also got me thinking back to an un-published short story i painted years ago. 

Scanning some art book pages this weekend... so while i'm mentally categorizing the blur of images, I may as well clue you guys all in as to my thinking on... what goes in which art books, and why.

After the Maxx ended, and the Legs comic, I was burnt out so I sorta left comics for a few years. Tons of ideas kept flowing out regardless, and i sometimes drew tons of finished colored stories... but i didn't have any place to put them, so I'd tossed them into the back of my closet. 

Falada's was one of those. It's home has now become the three "Worlds of Kieth" coffee table art books. The only debate on those is WHEN to publish the first volume: either sometime in October? Or do a big deal for it at San Diego comic con next year? Too late to get it out for San Diego this year. But we'll iron that out eventually. 

Anyway, back to unpublished stuff. One such orphaned story was called "Falada". The title was inspired by the Grimms Bros fairy tale of the Goose Girl, and the princess in that story and a  horse head who spoke to her.

This unsettling idea of a horses head speaking to a princess really haunted me.  So that morphed into a My Falada, the flying horse. 

I toy with what it would look like before it was born... sorta had little stubs which might grow into wet baby wings?

Then maybe sprout into giant wings later?

Another of many sam themes, this one is: 'little girl who finds sickly creature' - which reoccurs often in my stuff.  And this 'girl-rescues-sick-creature' in Falada was more less fantasy here, but later appeared in a more horrific way in Ojo.

So i painted out what amounted to a more or less finished 10 page story.  Some panels crude little scribbles, other 'climax' panels, fully painted. I made an animatic of it, (filmed story boards) threw some music and a narration over it, dumped it on video and pitched it around to production studios.  Hope someone might wanna make it into some 'animated thingy'.

You should have seen the executives faces i pitched it too. Most were weirded out by it. I remember Hall Mark Hall of Fame exc. thought the idea of a little girl and a headless horses was 'deeply disturbing'.  One woman said it reminded her of the bloody horsie head in bed from the Godfather movie. She asked me why in the world did i think that belonged in a children's story???

But, in my mind, my 'kids stories' never really *were* for kids, were they? 

Even Julia's childhood story, in Maxx comic, was a adult looking BACK on childhood.  Or Annie in Ojo, sam deal. Heck, lucky thing these executives never read the original Grimms fairy tale, where the princess speaks to a horses head that's nailed to a walkway, and speaks to her in rhyme.  

At least MY horse's head had wings, well.. eventually. 

Once the stubs sprouted.

So, rejection.  

Nobody wanted my weird-ass flying-headless-horsie story. 

So i sighed. Sulked. Felt sorry for myself, like all us artists types do, convinced the world revolves around *us*.  As time passed, I threw it back in the back of my closet. 

The animated tape got lost ages ages ago, and all that remains of the whole goofy idea..... are these painted panels lying around...  

which fortunately, along with tons of other artistic orphans, can find a home in the art WORLDS of SAM art books. 


Now there ARE other odds and ends, 

non-Falada sketches for stories that came towards the end of the Maxx... like Dave's childhood, which was hinted at but never explained... 

..or Uncle Freddie from Love of Three Oranges...

...or Magen from Soccar Queen, 

But seems to me... these *don't* seem to belong in the Three vol. 'Worlds' art books, do they? Nope. 

Freddie, Megan, and Maxx related sketchbook doodles, will go into some future Maxx art sketchbook to be published after these Worlds books.  Why later?  Because, remember there were 35 issues of that sucker, so that's a ton of Maxx related sketchbook stuff.  Yeah, Broadminded, Friends of Maxx stories, Soccar queen are really separate story lines, but don't you think their better grouped under some Maxx sketchbook collection? Since they all flowed from the Maxx universe? 

This way, Maxx fans can get their Maxx fix all in one place. 


Meanwhile, fans of  my'other stuff', like almost everything on the blog, Ojo, Bimbo, Legs, 

plus Dana, Nola, plus TONS of older stuff no one has seen for the last twenty years, paintings, mixed media, process stuff, yarn, clothe, bolts, screws, plastic, metal, glue and bubble gum... can keep us busy while awaiting the Maxx crap-ola.

Thanks for letting me therapeuticly talk it through it as i scan this stuff.

Anways, seeing that link to the horses made of clothe got me thinking about Falada story, all over again.  

Lucky i didn't go with Falada's original title ~   "Angel and her magic boo boo".  

See, her horse was named 'boo boo'. uuuuug. 

Well, nobody can ever accused of having good taste, right?