Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sandman Commission

I've been unwilling  to do commissions for many years now, (which is a story in itself) but you guys on the blog have been so cool and i'm trying to be less of a hermit, so here's some COMISSION INFO if you might be interested in my doing a piece for you. I hate plugging things or selling myself, but hey ~ if i don't tell you guys on my blog, how else are you gonna know, right?

Even if you don't wanna splurge on the price of a commission, that's totally cool. Maybe i can do you a head sketch at a comic con or something..  (once i start doing cons again, whenever that is!) We'll try this, and worse to worse i burn out and hide under a rock for another few years. But i'm trying not too.

I'll throw the process pics for this sandman painting up tomorrow morning. Kinda weird doing drawings of characters i haven't done for years.. But it helps me to try and see the affection YOU guys and gals have for these creations through your eyes.

I just wanna recapture an innocence i felt when i used to draw these things again. Try to break the spell of past demons.

And also give back a little.

- thanks