Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sandman Commission

I've been unwilling  to do commissions for many years now, (which is a story in itself) but you guys on the blog have been so cool and i'm trying to be less of a hermit, so here's some COMISSION INFO if you might be interested in my doing a piece for you. I hate plugging things or selling myself, but hey ~ if i don't tell you guys on my blog, how else are you gonna know, right?

Even if you don't wanna splurge on the price of a commission, that's totally cool. Maybe i can do you a head sketch at a comic con or something..  (once i start doing cons again, whenever that is!) We'll try this, and worse to worse i burn out and hide under a rock for another few years. But i'm trying not too.

I'll throw the process pics for this sandman painting up tomorrow morning. Kinda weird doing drawings of characters i haven't done for years.. But it helps me to try and see the affection YOU guys and gals have for these creations through your eyes.

I just wanna recapture an innocence i felt when i used to draw these things again. Try to break the spell of past demons.

And also give back a little.

- thanks


jlosacco said...

Oh man I wish I could afford one. It's great that you're getting back into it.

I hope you can do a Chicago comic con next year, that would give me the better part of a year to save up.

LOVE the Sandman Commission!

ant said...

i emailed albert moy, i think i need a sam kieth original, even though i can't really afford it... but that's what credit cards are for right? and hey if a con seems like too much for ya, and you want to start small, you are welcome to come do a signing at the greatest comic shop in the world, really.

Cloud9 said...

OMG, this is great news to hear Sam. Another artist and I are working on a small comic right now, and would love to have your art make an appearance, (Cover/guest artist/or what have you). Now I wonder what it will take to make this happen...
Hope to hear something good

juvinwo said...

That's awesome Sam. So glad to see that. I hope one day I can get one. It would be such an honor to have one. Ever think about doing blank sketch cover book commissions. Something cheaper for us and quicker for you? As always, I'm such a big fan. I have a few original art pages from you. A commission Would be a crowning achievement.

cody said...

thats awesome to hear/ read.

Casey Crowe said...

Yes! That is great news!! I gotta start saving up my milk money but in the meantime, looking forward to seeing some of these up on your blog. WIN / WIN!


I am getting a Judge Dredd commission. Thank you so much Mr. Kieth!! Other than Stan Sakai you are the only artist I collect original artwork & comics. I have dreamed of this for a long time & now it is coming true! Thank you again.

Sam Kieth said...

Thanks gang -

Ant, If i'm in the WA i'll be sure check out Olympic comics.

Cloud9, sounds interesting, but i just gotta make my way through the stuff already on my plate, (let alone open the flood gates to tons of other fans)... but let me think about it, kay?

Good suggestion juvinwo, blank comic covers... those are great for smaller head shots and a good way for folks who don't wanna a larger more pricey piece. I was thinking of doing a bunch of little sketched for cheaper, but i'm already used to doing those blank comic over from the HEROS charity books.

I didn't want it to seem like i'm leaving out everybody by doing commissions.. so that blank comic idea fits the bill.

All i ask is patience as i work my way through them, okay?

And don't worry if you don't wanna buy anything, or can't afford it right now. i know things are tough, so I promise the focus of the blog will stay FREE cool drawings/paintings to check out, and process pics.

Not *just* my plugging projects.

Mightyduke - so your the Judge Dredd request eh? Cool beans, I haven't drawn him in like forever. Good company to be in with Stan, i remember him from those critters books i did at Fantagraphics ages ago.

Okay, back to the funny books.

- sam

JackalFive said...

Would LOVE to have a Maxx sketch from you, even if it's a comicon head-shot or whatever; that would be amazing.

If your passport is in order, Fan Expo in Toronto Ontario is the one big con I go to every year (I live about an hour away). I'd be stoked to meet you if wanted to ventured this far north. I'll bring you maple syrup.

Jeremy said...

Sam, I have hoped that you would either take a commission or offer originals up for purchase.. The fashion work and landscapes are the ones I am most interested in. The Tree on Texture is great. Or the art in the "yet another SK tree" post. Or the "two blobs" post.

Somewhere I think you mentioned that you could not imagine someone wanting everything in one of your stetchbooks . I can't think of a way to display it and enjoy more than one page at a time!

I am not sure how comissioning an unseen abstract or landscape or fashion page would work.
I get commissioning an original Bimbo.

Anyway, I will think about it some more and maybe email Mr Moy.

HelloExactly said...

I would absolutely pay for a commission. Is there still a spot available? please be in touch!! helloexactly at