Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bimbo Girl's Eye & Abstract in Black..

Ever since Boston I've been getting folks asking about buying some of artwork, or when i'll do a commissions again.  Here's the deal,  the guy you wanna email to is not me, it's Albert Moy.

Check can also contact him directly at  Albert's email, or click the new swell "Wanna buy some of my Artwork?" box (above the pic of the Magic Trout, on the right hand list of blurbs & links boxes.)

Albert is there to do . . . what i don't *wanna* do . . . which is sell my art directly to my fans.

I know many folks may not realize this, but if Albert says i don't wanna sell something, or i am "not doing commissions right now" - then he's not a bad guy,

he's just delivering the news,  the straight-poop on what i wanna do.


Thanks for being so cool about it you guys!  Now back my the usual dose of goofy surreal pics i keep plastering all over this blog..

You guys are awesome, all of you!!!!!!