Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wow, whole lotta comments on that last post. 

Didn't realize i was opening up the "possibility of future Maxx stories" subject with what I said.  Just meant the old series was out of steam n' ideas.

Will take all this under future advisement: who knows what's down the pike?


Raven's says "Krawk",

for whatever that's worth.

Thanks for all the support everybody!


juvinwo said...

Your fan base is rabid and loves everything you do! Never lose site of that sam. Meeting you was a bucket list item for me. When you asked me my opinion on how you should do your next art books, etc., makes me realize that you valued my opinion and "fanship?" If that's a word....the old series may have ran out of steam, but your mind and ideas have not. The well is so deep! Can't wait to take more of a swim in it!

Iam Nowhere said...

We love your style SAM.
I fell in love with the piece you showed in the post ( and I want to buy it.

Send me an email so we could talk.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Keith,

I cannot speak for others, but I personally would pay money for more MAXX.


James Best said...


Anonymous said...

Read your blog from time to time and 99% I am just an observing lurker, leaving little footprint I was ever there. I just wanted to comment that I would be stoked to revisit the maxx!