Saturday, January 7, 2017

Stages of My Inner Bimbo

Seems like a million years ago when i drew My Inner Bimbo.

It started with a couple of rough sketch like these above. 


Here's a earlier version from my art book.

You can see some rougher colored pencil texture on her skin.


... and here's the printed version, after i smoothed out her skin with an airbrush.
( Click Twice on it,  to see more detail. )

Okay, which version to you like better? 


juvinwo said...

The one before the airbrushing feels like a raw sam kieth piece (I prefer that one). One that we feel we know and are comfortable with. The other one feels as if it "had to be cleaned up". When in reality it just needed to be its own person. Kinda like society telling us what to be. How we have to be polished up. When in reality, we just have to be....real and ourselves.

Iam Nowhere said...

Sam, I fell in love with the piece you showed in the post ( and I want to buy it.

Send me an email so we could talk.

nunruid7 said...

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