Monday, January 23, 2017

Superficial Inner Voices: Fashion vs. Flab

don't fear the flab.

. . . wise advice,

 for everybody.


Anonymous said...

Would that I could. Great advice, hard to follow.
Wish more folks like you were in advertising,
especially when I was a young girl and my
self-esteem was influenced by what I saw
on TV or in magazines.
Thank you for your images, and the approval
of them!

Donnovan Knight said...

Someone had posted some of your work on Instagram recently and I said it there, so I'll say directly to you given this post.

I don't think you've ever shied away from drawing real looking women and I applaud you for that!

I'm helping raise five daughters (wife and I have 5 between us), and self-esteem seems to be a big problem with all this media for what "perfect" is. Funny thing, I've never really been attracted to the "perfect" woman, because it's not the outside that matters as much as the inside. The body will change and that "perfect" figure will very likely go away, but the personality inside that body will remain, so you better damn well like it!

juvinwo said...

Right on sam! You draw beautiful women! Love it!