Sunday, April 22, 2012

Something ELSE to look at.... til' Tuesday.

Bear with me folks,

... been a bumpy week, between a buncha deadline... and personal dramas.  No worries. Stuff we all go thru.

..but i'll be back with a BUNCH of new posts, starting Tuesday for sure!

Thanks for all the comments too, i'll catch up with replies on those suckers too.

Don't give up on me yet ~ !

 - Sam 


cody said...

Awesomeness. really like the teeth painting, your the man.

ant said...

the teeth are super, nice balance of disturbing and pretty,

reminds of this reoccurring dream i have, where sometimes my teeth slowly come loose and i pill them out one by one, but other times they break apart, almost shatter in my mouth and i gag on blood and tooth shards... it's pretty terrible...

Marcus Collar said...

the internet does feel urgent but I doubt anyone would give up on the Trout duder...

mad respect!


Jeff Lafferty said...

Your work still inspires dude! Nice job.