Monday, April 9, 2012

Tree on Texture - Part 2


...finishing up the Tree. Last post i'd pasted the textured paper down and just started in on it...

Oops, flash gave out.  sorry.

that's better. a little bury on the moss part though. ... tree still is pretty crude looking so far.

I got the kooky idea to try to follow the stringy 'veins' of the paper with my pen. you'd probably never notice looking at it straight on, but from an angle you can see it a little..

i'm still shy about laying on too much watercolor..

 but i can see colored pencil alone just gets lost on this paper.

kay. that's a start. I can't take any credit for this, because i didn't 'draw' the texture, (that's on the paper itself) -

but i STILL love the effect texture of the paper worked into the watercolor and stamp pad olive green.

these branches kinda get lost too. Instead of leaves, how about a suggestion of a weeping willow?

Something wispy and kinda... wind blown?

don't worry, i'll work this white into the beige paper more smoothly than it is here.

right now the white's a little sickly and abrupt, don't you think? Gotta love that moss! Man, i can't get ENOUGH of Olive Green Mossy Texture, even the suggestion of it. You don't have to draw ever fiber in there..

I mean, you CAN, i have before, will again. But this is nice too.

okay, that'll have to do for now. still a little timid looking, uh? I think it's because if i used a bolder stronger stroke i was spooked of ripping the already fragile paper surface. 

That's the trade off or working on Three Dimensional surfaces. Hey, at least i managed.. 

not to paint on Fiber Glass this time, eh? 

Stupid is supposed to hurt. 


cody said...

Looks great, it is kinda like an optical illusion how you drew with the textures of the paper with the braches.

Sam Kieth said...

Thanks buddy!

Gearing back up for most post, feel like i've been a little slow lately, but maybe it just seems like that in my own mind.

ant said...

you are a tree genius... and i dont think you've been slow lately, i'm actually having a time keeping up...

jlosacco said...

Looks great. I LOVE the moss.

The texture you worked into this with that paper is insane.

- said...

Yes ant, well it IS kinda confusing too when i start the textured tree post, then i jump to finish inking Potbelly at the bottom of that post, THEN finish the textured tree pic in part 2.

Sorta skipping all over. Does it read kinda confusing? Well,i figure you guys are used to my skipping around, both on projects paintings and posts. But cool that i'm not slowing everyone down! i get slow, the go in spurts.

Yeah my friend Jlosacco, moss RULES !!!! I never met a moss i didn't dig.

Sam Kieth said...

That post ABOVE was me. Sam. Ahem.

...forgot to type my name into Name/URL. Duh.

- sam

Cloud9 said...

It's interesting. I've been following your blog now for well over a year, and just now discovered the comment sections that tab open here. This very much reminds me of the editorial discussions from ye' old Maxx days tucked away in the back of every issue. Those were the days.
Thanks Sam, and thanks for sharing your process.

theend43 said...

i love yr "creative bursts" where you go like crazy and just DO. you may think it's "slow" or whatever, but to me, yr on fire (not literally, tho it doesn't hurt to dbl-check). love seeing the processes that you go through to get to the end product, and the digressions and deviations that come with it. ANYWAY, good stuff, Sam! i'd be remiss if i didn't say thanks for showing all this stuff to us. gives insight into the art and yr psyche. blast on, sir!

jennifer kraska said...

Soooooooo good!!!!

Connie B. said...

Our teacher Frank Anderson showed us your awesome blog! It's so inspiring to see your work! :D

Sam Kieth said...

Thanks Cloud9, After ye ol' Maxx traxx, I've been sorta absent from fan contact, hat's why the Blog is an informal 'forum' for all of us!

theend43 Creative bursts are cool, trick is those valley's in between. But we all go through them, eh? I try to make this a 'safe place' for all of us, away from worldly troubles, online bickering, icky news headlines... hopefully we can ALL discover tops about art process, catch up, say what's working (or isn't) in a few cool comments without fear or shame.

It takes a lot of guts to post a comment, you guys/gals are as fearless as me!

Jennifer, HIGH praise from the likes of you! Btw, liked what you had to say about designing cars by day (which are sorta like toys, 3D objects - which is sorta right brain?),

vs. your painting these lush watercolors you do by night (left brain?), sorta like two creative halves, eh?

For me it's script/page layouts, plodding necessity (Rt. brain) ...

vs. color paintings and 'whatever-the heck-i-wanna-draw' THAT morning when i'm inspired. Sometimes i can work those paintings into a comic, sometimes not.

Connie B,

Too COOL - I've been a HUGE Frank fan for years! As you know, he's an artists, composer, film-maker, and has a HECK of a lot to teach anyone, including me!

Frank also directed one of my all time FAV documentaries, LIFE OF REILLY (Sorry Frank, gotta plug it) - check out this clip from it on youtube..

So, Yeah, Frank is awesome. Glad he's turning his students all kinds of goofy influences, myself included.

- Sam

shontoon said...

crazy cool

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