Monday, December 8, 2014

Maxx painted Cover # 2.

For some reason... people seem to *really* respond this cover.  I don't mean that in an ego-centered way.  It's not the best drawing of Julie or the Maxx i've done either. I don't get it.

Maybe it's because it's a little flashy and surreal with all the abstract, slightly 'Inuit inspired' filigree.

Any cover with Julie always gets extra attention too.

It's an unusually *large* cover too, as you can see by the space it eats up on my art table.

Compiling a series of "Art of Maxx" books.. lotta unseen stuff...

so my studio's brimming over with all this old/new Maxx crap. Will be good to finally get all this out in a nice published collection.

Twenty years of moldy bristol board is hard on the sinuses. : )


Blue Eyed Shy Guy said...

People respond to this because it is beautiful. In a single image you manage to demonstrate the exquisiteness of Julie, the dichotomy of her mental state, and the fantasy of one world contrasting the simplicity of the other. The Maxx isn't the focus, even though he is more centered and colored in a stark manner. You've somehow made the soft outshine the jagged and that is very special.

VeganMike said...

Have we seen the Trout cover mockups from the right edge of your art table before? Have I just been missing them in the corner of other pics?

Maxx crap makes me happy, but the thought of new Trout crap continues to make me happier!

Sylvia O. said...

It looks like you were just playing around and having fun.sometimes it's good to blank out and let your creative entity takeover ;-) some great art is born this way 💗

Anthony palmieri said...

God. That work is amazing. I cannot wait for those maxx art books. So so so so excited.

cody said...

one of my favorites because of the color and energy

Christina Bryant said...

WOW! Yes, there is an energy to it, a really vibrant "LOOK AT ME!!!" energy. Also the way the different textures interact with each other keeps the eye moving and happy and finding more with each pass. I agree, not my favorite Julie, but really arresting.

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