Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Old studio memories.

Below is a pic of my old studio. 
 Pretty tough time for me, both personally, and work wise. 

Here are Three Panels Arkham Asylum.

One panel of Urp, hanging on by his teeth.

 Three panels from a short story for DC a few years back.

Second pic of my old studio.. reverse angle.  None of this meaningless junk really exist anymore.

Now.... my studio's filled with *new* equally meaningless junk instead.

: )

Sorta caught half-way between a 'panel a day' and skipping some days entirely.  Bottom line: I figure anything that keeps me posting semi-regular, beats unbearable long periods of silence.

Thanks for helping me keep the pulse going.


warhead01 said...

Thank you for your posts. I am very glad I found your blog. You are one of my Favorite artists. I used to try to copy you rounded shapes and style.
We used to joke that the Maxx was always a month late because you were still inking, water coloring, waiting for oil to dry and I'm sure we had a few more thing stuck in our list.
The wait, weather real or imagined, was always worth it.

VeganMike said...

Nice monitor, Sam! I was thinking "man, I'm jealous"... then I realized that of course you have a great monitor - I can't justify buying one that nice because my work doesn't rely on it!

Question, though: I have absolutely no idea what DC short story those panels are from! Enlighten me so I can eventually hunt down a copy?

Derek Oberg said...

Hang in there, Sam. Like Urp. With your teeth, if necessary.

Anthony palmieri said...

I would be interested to know what DC short story as well! I want to read it!

cody said...

Thanks Sam

Anonymous said...

Hugs for you Puppy. Even Superheros need Superheros sometimes. Hang in there.

Brandon K Jenkins said...

Hoping things are going well for you, Sam. You're one of my all time favorite artists, and have been for years. I still get super giddy any time I see new art or a new book by you. Keep inspiring and creating, man!

Marcus Collar said...

Glad you made it through the tough times, whatever that may of been (none of our business I'm sure) But glad to hear you type that it is int he pas. Love the work space shots always inspiring to see a hero is a human being!

Keep kicking ass!


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