Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Bison..

Just did this for my mom (who i'm seeing later today) - hope she likes it ~

Merry Christmas folks!


jlosacco said...

That's great! Merry Christmas!

ant said...

very nice, that horn(his left) pops like crazy, looks so 3d, it's like an illusion... superb, i'm sure she'll love it

merry x-mas

Jim Doran said...


Merry Christmas!

Marcus Collar said...

GASP holy shit man your...

(mouth open)

oh ok Charlie was the last time you rocked the moose stuff oh wait

fred flower uncle italian moose

ok too much egg nog

your amazing as always!

JackalFive said...

Please show your Mom these youtube videos:

jennifer kraska said...

I'm sure she loved it :)
Who wouldn't?
Wishing you a wonderful holiday!