Thursday, December 22, 2011 Popular Demand!!!

Okay, i didn't JUST choose this version of the dress woman's painting because all three of you liked it best,

*i* sorta liked it better too. Sometimes i actually develop an opinion of my own sometimes, just for kicks.

Course THEN i go and water down (literally) with white paint the background page... so now it's even *softer* a background than it already was...

..which may defeat the contrast of pretty vs. rough.  but whatever.

Btw... it's been a while since i've replied to any comments, don't worry, i WILL... this week too.

There a lot of interesting points made and sometimes just cool jokes or interesting things people say i wanna hit reply, but get distracted...

Okay, so here we are. Cody asked if this is for a story - HELL Yeah!!!  Every time you see a painting of Dana, there's a whole graphic novel it's part of... three of them actually. I just need to compile it all.

Meanwhile, i figure why not leek it out in little dribbles online, just to get some feedback in advance, eh?

 There ya go folks!


Marcus Collar said...

soooooooo delicate and wonderful I know you tried directing films but you should be a chef!!!

I want to eat your paintings!! (wait what? lol)

have a good holiday Trouties!

(this is random but)

Welcome back Mr.Trout-ter! (imagine the babarino accent)

jlosacco said...

Stunning, absolutely stunning.

Frank Patriot said...

I want this on my wall.

El Bastardo said...

This. Is Beautiful!!! Keep up the great work dude!

cody said...

turned out awesome

jennifer kraska said...

Love all the textures you manage to get in your work....and oh that blue! **sigh**
I've been a watercolor gal for ages, but recently picked up some acrylics to try to get some Sam Keith inspired texture into my work!
Thanks for the continued inspiration!

Sam_Kieth said...

Thanks for the feedback gang - Glad Marcus found it tasty, Josacco found it stunning and Frank wants it on his wall! Also cool El Bastardo and Cody dug it too. And sweet to see Jennifer K getting into acrylics.

Far back as the Maxx i was too intimidated to try Acrylics, that why i stuck to watercolors so long when i'd paint some panel in the book. It was Simon Bizley who called me up one day and encouraged me to have the 'balls' to plunge into Acrylics.

So if anything i try inspires Jennifer, Frank, or ANY of you guys to experiment.. it's just me just passing the favor along to fellow artists, like others have to me.

and mistakes too... we all get to share those too, like it or not! ; )

jim doran said...

I like acrylics and am delighted to see you using them. I sheepishly admit I prefer them to oils and, while I like watercolor/gouache, I think acrylics are easier to control.

I love your work-in-progress shots and am so glad you are maintaining this blog! Thank you!

ant said...

i'm the opposite, been using acrylics forever, but am a little afraid of the water colors... maybe i'll try some on the next piece? and sam the work is looking amazing as always, it's like christmas everytime i pop on here... thanks for all you do,

and again, eagerly awaiting more trout books, i'll send you a candy bar if you can give an approximate release date???

cody said...

I do the easy wimpy thing and water down acrylic to make it look like water color

Marcus Collar said...

ok WTF!

the story of Bizley calling you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats like hearing about two super heros

or gods conversing

or even better to hear about Dylan dealing with the beatles hehee


jennifer kraska said...

Guilty of going back in time and creeping on your stuff for inspiration ;) Cool piece Sam. Thanks!