Thursday, December 22, 2011 Popular Demand!!!

Okay, i didn't JUST choose this version of the dress woman's painting because all three of you liked it best,

*i* sorta liked it better too. Sometimes i actually develop an opinion of my own sometimes, just for kicks.

Course THEN i go and water down (literally) with white paint the background page... so now it's even *softer* a background than it already was...

..which may defeat the contrast of pretty vs. rough.  but whatever.

Btw... it's been a while since i've replied to any comments, don't worry, i WILL... this week too.

There a lot of interesting points made and sometimes just cool jokes or interesting things people say i wanna hit reply, but get distracted...

Okay, so here we are. Cody asked if this is for a story - HELL Yeah!!!  Every time you see a painting of Dana, there's a whole graphic novel it's part of... three of them actually. I just need to compile it all.

Meanwhile, i figure why not leek it out in little dribbles online, just to get some feedback in advance, eh?

 There ya go folks!