Saturday, December 10, 2011

SATURDAY: 3rd Power Post!

Thanks for all the great feedback in the comments section! I'll get back to replies on that stuff this weekend too - Okay,

Thurs:  Done -

Friday:  Done -

sooo... here's Saturday post!  The pic above is Wa$hack's  painting he calls 'Anne', which he passed long for me to finnish  a while back...

.. which is hard to finish, because it's darned near finished already! - so i had no choice but to paint OVER something... * sigh *

Oh well, i sure as heck knew i didn't wanna paint over that awesome face he did on towards the top! So the sneaker leg gets painted over..

still can't get this eye white enough... the acrylic isn't thick enough.

since I am sorta obsessed with potbelly these days, let's use some flesh tones.. some reds, browns and such..

It's pointless to texture with a tissue this early. since i'm just laying down base colors for now.

seems so sacrificial to scrawl in grease pencil over another artists paintings, let alone this ugly blotch of Acrylic. But that, or Oils.. is the only think thus surface will take.

Also Jon's drawn over with my stuff too, so i shouldn't feel guilty. It's all good...

so that's sorta the point. Covering each other up, for better or worse. It never fails to amazing me how something can 'materialize' before your eyes... it's not the same when ii pencil and ink, there's something about color that seems different for me. It has a life all it's own.

let's see... nope, a flesh base color doesn't help either. I think i just need to paste in some csolid white right into the eye, then paint over that!

There, at least that sucker is solid WHITE now.... course the body is still one hot little mess isn't it?

Try to lay in some darks... these always weight it down for me... maybe it's because i worked in B&W doing comic pages for so long.

Not sure what this is supposed to be yet... but the ink drips nicely.

how does this look so far? Too mad the ink will dry, the highlights on the wet ink look sweet. I guess i could go back in... and add white highlights to the black ink drips, couldn't i?

Maybe later.  For now this Potbelly guy is looking a litter less bleak. I still am not thrilled with his skin texture... kinda goopy looking. But i can fix that next round. Time for some lunch.

Okay, Tomorrow (Sunday) is the last 'Power Post'... whatever the heck a power post is. Just some dumb thing i made up. : )

Till then,
- Sam